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High Lights of SAP Business One for Manufacturing.

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1 High Lights of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

2 Extend Production Orders to Full Manufacturing
Designed for Make to Order / Job Shop Make to Stock / Repetitive Key Capabilities Job Costing & Scheduling Data Collection Quality Management Engineering Change & Revision Tracking Estimating Reporting

3 Set up Items - Define Sales, Purchase, Planning
Specify Default Vendor, Manufacturer, Warehouse, Costing Method, Properties, Images/Drawings, Remarks, Planning Method, Procurement Method, Order Interval, Multiples, Minimums, and Lead Times. And if the part is under ECN control

4 Scheduling & Costing – Set up by Resource
Define your resources by work center & department Costing: Direct Labor w/Setup or Rework Options for labor operations Outside Services for sub-contracted operations. Overhead: Set the overhead rates to apply overhead to labor. Capacity: By day of the week, with exceptions for company holidays, or downtime.

5 Bill of Materials Multiple Level, Indented Bill of Materials

6 Bill of Manufacturing Materials (from item master) are identified and displayed differently from operations (from resource master). The S# is the sequence number of the operations, and ties the materials to a specific operation step. The icon indicates if it is a direct, material, assembly, phantom, outside service, or rework. Work Instructions can be added for later printing on the traveler. Attach drawings and/or media files like pictures or video clips for viewing on the shop floor.

7 Define Forecasts, if desired, and drive production based on forecast, sales, purchasing, and inventory

8 Create Production Orders through MRP & Order Recommendation
Orders can be set to auto release when created

9 Create Production Orders for Make to Order
MTO – Make To Order - auto creates a Special Production Order linked to the Sales Order ETD – Estimated Time to Deliver – auto estimates delivery time according to the production schedule

10 Create & Receive Purchase Orders directly to a Production Order

11 Schedule Production Production Order scheduling priority can be set
The can be viewed in report format, and edited before publishing it to the floor. Production Order scheduling priority can be set

12 Scheduling and Reporting
Optionally, you can export the schedule to MS Project for further reporting and analysis. Gantt charts, as well as capacity histograms are available.

13 Drag & Drop with Optional APS Module

14 Print the Production Order Traveler

15 Production Order Status Reporting
The scheduler fills in the estimated start date and finish date. Data Collection or Labor Ticket Entry completes the actual start/finish dates. The completed quantity is reported, and the operation status (Complete, In Process, Not Started)

16 Data Collect One for Production
Bar Code Data Collection for Production & Quality Supports PC Workstations, Tablets or Wireless Hand Held's Data Collection with: Bar Code Entry Touch Screen Quality Data Collection Reporting Distribution Functionality Production Functionality

17 Data Collection - Bar Code Labor Entry
User scans the bar coded production order to clock into the job. After completing the operation, user enters/confirms the hours and enters qty complete.

18 Data Collection - Touch Screen Labor Entry
The user logs into a department. A list of operations/jobs that are scheduled for that department are displayed. The user selects and starts the job.

19 Data Collection - Touch Screen Labor Entry
View work instructions, pictures, drawings, and videos on the shop floor

20 Data Collection – Workorderless Kanban Backflush
Some items may be managed through kanbans. Data Collect lets the user enter the item, the quantity, and it creates the production order and back flushes the labor and materials

21 Quality - Data Collection Setup
Quality Data Templates can be setup using user defined tables and fields

22 Quality - Data Collection Shop Floor Entry
When operations are completed, they are prompted for the required data

23 Shop Floor Reporting Develop Reports in Report Writer format and print them on the Shop Floor

24 ECN’s & Revision Control
An item can be flagged as being under revision control with effectivity dates You can review history, or create a new revision.

25 ECN’s & Revision Control
An item under revision control maintains a record of changes (adds, updates, deletes) until approved. Previous revisions are stored, and can be reviewed, or used to create a new production order.

26 Where Used Look Up An item can be queried as to where it is used in BOM’s and/or Production Orders.

27 Sales Quotes with XL Estimator
XL Estimator updates quote lines with items & prices Launch an Excel Spreadsheet from Quoting, Estimate Labor, Materials, Costs & Margin/Pricing XL Estimator adds the ability to create and link an Excel Spreadsheet estimate of labor & materials to Sales Quotations When a Quote is copied to Sales Order, a Production Order is created from Estimate

28 Multi-level Drill Down Job Cost Reporting

29 XL Reporter – Production Dashboard Example

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