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Plato and Aristotle Were the first to classify governments according to types of rulers This is referred to as a “Typology” Both Plato and Aristotle were.

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1 Plato and Aristotle Were the first to classify governments according to types of rulers This is referred to as a “Typology” Both Plato and Aristotle were more concerned with whether or not the government was lawful or lawless.

2 Plato Described the human instinct to seek social connections to meet basic needs Described the human soul as a chariot with white and black horses representing the good and bad in the soul. The rider of the chariot is the controller – good judgment. “The goal of humanity is to bring about happiness within the community. If the community is happy, then the individual citizens are happy. Stressed an ideal structure of society and state. atch?v=WgPJUTltITk

3 Aristotle Inspired by Plato philosophically questioned the nature of good and evil. After Plato’s failed attempts at ‘correcting’ a societal structure, Aristotle stressed ideals, morality and ethics. The realization of oneself was the greatest good “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”

4 Rick Mercer Rant – Attack Adds The human condition oftenprevents good judgment. Do you think that the notionof the common good is atthe fore front of Canadianpoliticians agenda? Or doespersonal interest often takepriority?

5 Types of Government - Terminology Aristocracy Form of government where by which a few popular, wealthy individuals control major political power. Their intentions were for the ‘common good.’ Oligarchy A small group ruling for personal interest instead of the good of the community.

6 Terminology continued… Polity Government ruled by many exercising authority within a constitutional framework that prevents the oppression of minorities. Democracy ‘Mob rule’ - the rule of the many outside of any legal structure.

7 Answers to Politics diagnostic quiz Regional and Municipal explained: – Regional governments have jurisdiction over an area instead of just a town. City hall would be one central location – Municipal governments have jurisdiction over one specific town. City Hall would be located in that town – Regional governments therefore are a form of municipal governments, but the other way around. 1. The three branches of government are: Legislative, executive and judicial 2. The four levels of government are: (this was a tricky one) a. National (federal) b. Sub-national (provincial) c. Regional – can be municipal d. Municipal – not necessarily regional

8 Answers continued Rick Norlock – Federal MP Lou Rinaldi – Provincial MP John Williams – Quinte West Mayor 3. Quinte West Representation: Federal – Rick Norlock Provincial – Lou Rinaldi Regional / Municipal – John Williams

9 Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Canadian Prime Minister 4. Head of Government for Quinte West is called: the Mayor 5. Head of Government for Ontario is: called: Premier 6. Head of Government for Canada is called: Prime Minister

10 Lieutenant Governor of Ontario – His Honour, the Honourable David Onley Governor General of Canada – His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston 7. Head of State for Ontario: Lieutenant Governor 8. Head of State for Canada: Governor General

11 Ontario Legislature – Queens Park Current House of Commons Canadian Senate 9. 107 representatives in the Ontario Legislatire 10. 308 Seats in the House of Commons 11. 105 Senators in the Canadian Senate

12 12. Judicial Committee of the Privy Council 13. 4 Main Political Parties in Canada: Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc Quebequois 14. The Role of the Governor General: Represents the Queen (Sovereign) in Canada. The Canadian Governor General is more of a ceremonial / symbolic.

13 15. Home of the Governor General – Rideau Hall

14 24 Sussex Drive – Home of Canada’s Prime Minister 16. Canada has had 22 different people serve as Prime Minister. There have been a total of 27 terms served. 17. The Prime Minister lives at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa – one of 6 ‘residences’ owned by Canadian Federal Government. 18. Speakers in both Houses of Parliament are called: Referee

15 19. All heads of the government ministries are called: Ministers 20. Heads of Ministries are appointed to their jobs by the Prime Minister 21. MP’s are elected to work for the good of the citizens of Canada 22. Minimum Requirements of an MP are: 18 years old 23. MP’s keep their job as long as the party is in power 24. Governor General apponts the Senators on the recommendations of the Prime Minister

16 25. Minimum Requirements of a Senator: one must be at least 30 years of age must possess land worth at least $4,000 in the province for which he or she is appointed and must own real and personal property worth at least $4,000, above his or her debts and liabilities.

17 26. Senator Tenure Bill of 2006 New bill was introduced that clearly defined the length of senators term: – 8 years long – Existing senators could remain in power until they reached 75 years of age

18 27. The Governor General is appointed. The Prime Minister suggests a name to the Monarch, to which she either agrees or disagrees. The deciding factor in who is appointed, comes down to the Queen.

19 28. There are no minimum requirements of a Governor General Although the Prime Ministers suggestion to the Monarch would probably be based on notable accomplishments and Canadian citizenship

20 29. The Governor General gets to keep his or her job for at least 5 years. 30. Each political party votes in a representative. If the party gets a majority of seats in the house of Commons, that person is now the Prime Minister. 31. The minimum requirements of a prime minister: You must be at least 18 years old, and be a member of parliament.

21 In Class Task: Read pages 4-6 of the text. Please answer questions 2 – 4.

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