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C3.1(1) Article I of the Constitution

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1 C3.1(1) Article I of the Constitution
Created the Legislative Branch (Congress) Main Job: make laws Two houses Senate (Upper House) House of Representatives (Lower House)

2 C3.1(1) The House of Representatives 435 members
Represents the interests of the people Based on a state’s population 1 rep for every 600,000 people Term: 2 years Important functions: Power to elect the president (in case of a tie) Power to impeach (remove from office) the president Power to introduce legislation concerning money

3 C3.1(1) The Senate 100 members Represents the interests of the states
2 from each state, regardless of population Represents the interests of the states Term: 6 years important functions: Ratify treaties Approve presidential appointments

4 C3.1(1) Qualifications House of Rep Senate At least 25-years-old
U.S. citizen for at least 7 years Resident of the state they represent Senate At least 30-years-old U.S. citizen for at least 9 years

5 3.1(1) How Does Congress Check The Other Branches? Executive Judicial
Can over-ride a presidential veto Can impeach the president Controls the country’s money Judicial Senate confirms judicial appointments Can impeach judges

6 C3.1(1) Congressional Pay Where Congress Comes from (on average)
1789: $6.00/yr Today: $174,000/yr Where Congress Comes from (on average) Former lawyers or business owners: ~50% Gender Men: ~80% Race White: ~80%

7 C3.1(1) Leadership in The House of Rep. The Speaker of the House
A member of the “majority party” (the party with the most members in the House) Floor Leader Helps guide his party’s “bills” (proposed laws) through Congress Party Whip Tries to persuade members to vote for party-sponsored legislation

8 C3.1(1) Leadership in The Senate
President of the Senate: The Vice President of the U.S. President Pro Tempore: leader when the VP is absent (which is often)

9 C3.1(1) Delegated Powers: powers given to Congress in the Constitution
Implied Powers: powers Congress gives itself to meet the needs of today Also known as “The Elastic Clause”

10 C3.1(1) SUMMARY QUESTIONS Why Do You Think it is Important to Have a House of Representatives? Explain Why You Agree or Disagree With the Qualifications to be a Representative or Senator? Would You Change Anything? Review the Gender Makeup of Congress. What is Your Opinion on Those Numbers? In Your Opinion, Why Do You Think Almost 50% of Congress is Made Up of Former Lawyers and Business Owners? Do You Think Delegated Powers Or Implied Powers Could be Abused by Congress More Frequently? Why?

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