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Coaching: Tier 2 and 3 Rainbow Crane Dr. Eleanore Castillo-Sumi.

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1 Coaching: Tier 2 and 3 Rainbow Crane Dr. Eleanore Castillo-Sumi

2 Training Goals Defining the Coaching Role Tier 2 and 3 Coaches Roles and Responsibilities Using data to develop a plan Professional Development Mapping Needs

3 Coaches Coaches develop the leadership skills of teachers and principals in order to address whole-school organizational improvement, facilitate reallocation and deployment of resources, and evaluate outcomes (Neufeld & Roper, 2003)

4 Tier 2 & 3 Are we…… Meeting: SW PBIS Team once a month and Intervention Team at least twice a month Do we have meeting foundations in place? Using a meeting form that uses data? Are we looking at data? Both student and fidelity? What is the data telling us? Then what? Are we evaluating outcomes?

5 Beginning of the year Collect a calendar from each school Meetings schedule Assessment schedule Other activities: Kick off, assemblies, teaching schedule, etc. Provide a calendar with deadlines for Assessments Action Plans Activities

6 Meeting Foundations Try to make time to attend monthly meetings Do teams have a yearly schedule? Do teams have roles and responsibilities? Are they using meeting foundation forms? Are they looking at and evaluating the data using the TIPS model?

7 Implement Solution with High Integrity Identify Goal for Change Identify Problem with Precision Monitor Impact of Solution and Compare Against Goal Make Summative Evaluation Decision Meeting Foundations Team-Initiated Problem Solving II (TIPS II) Model Identify Solution and Create Implementation Plan with Contextual Fit Collect and Use Data TIPS II Training Manual (2013) 7


9 Screening Coordinator Tier 2 Intervention Coordinator Tier 3 Intervention Coordinator Facilitator Process Monitor Notetaker > 1 hour meeting Review Tasks

10 Intervention Team Is not the time to discuss an individual student in great detail If a solution or modification cannot be discussed and selected quickly, the team should schedule an individual student meeting to address that specific issue (SST or BSP meeting)

11 Fidelity Data: PBIS Assessments Used to ensure the effective implementation of PBIS Used for sustainability of PBIS over time Benchmark of Advanced Tier Tool (BAT) Self Assessment Survey (SAS) Monitoring Advanced Tier Tool (MATT) Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

12 Monitoring Advanced Tier Tool (MATT) Who: Intended to be used by school teams wanting to use a progress monitoring tool to assess Tier II and Tier III. Once a team consistently scores 80% or above on the MATT, the BAT can be used as an annual assessment. When: Quarterly Answers Questions Are the organizational elements in place for implementing secondary and tertiary behavior support practices? Is a Tier II support system in place? Is a Tier III system in place?

13 Benchmark of Advanced Tier Tool (BAT) Who: Teams who have consistently scored 80% or higher on the MATT when assessing their Tier II and III implementation. The BAT takes more time to complete than the MATT, but is only conducted once a year versus quarterly. When: Annually Answer Questions: Are the organizational elements in place for implementing secondary and tertiary behavior support practices? Is a Tier II support system in place? Is a Tier III system in place?

14 Self Assessment Survey (SAS) Who: Teams interested in knowing more about staff perception of SWPBIS implementation across all systems may favor the SAS. All school staff are encouraged to take the survey in PBIS. When: Annually Answers Questions What is the staff’s perception of PBIS implementation? What is the staff’s priority for improvement?

15 SAS results 7. Classroom-based options exist to allow classroom instruction to continue when problem behavior occurs. In Place 10 % Partial 57 % Not 33 % Priority: High 63 % Medium 38 % Not 0 % What does this tell you? Is there an opportunity for professional development?

16 Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) Who: School Systems Planning teams – a team of three to eight people including the administrator and district coach – with input from Tier I, II, and/or III teams. It is strongly recommended the team complete the TFI with an external coach serving as a facilitator. When: First-year implementers may conduct the TFI as an initial assessment – moving to administering the survey every third or fourth meeting. Schools reaching 80% fidelity three consecutive times may choose to take the TFI as an annual assessment. ​ Answers Questions Are we implementing Tier I, II, III practices? Do we continue the Tier I features?



19 Tier II


21 Tier III

22 Continue…. To monitor Tier 1 progress Tiered Fidelity Tool (TFI) Includes School-Wide Evaluation Tool (SET) Team Implementation Checklist (TIC)

23 Student Data: SWIS & School Data Systems Used to support the academic success of students Used to ensure student attendance Track individual progress behavioral and academic Behavior Attendance Academic

24 SW Data

25 Professional Development Defining problem behavior Are we all on the same page regarding what is defiant and disruptive behavior? Understanding behavior Function of behavior: The Why Identifying Interventions: Based on the Why

26 Coaching Opportunities A school has a high number (How many students do you have? How many of them have ODR?) of referrals for either unknown behavior, disruption, or defiance. What does this tell you? What types of professional development are needed?

27 Intervention Team Data How many students do you have in Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions? Are your numbers proportionate? Do you have the appropriate function based interventions? Allocate resources based on need

28 Intervention Inventory

29 School and Community Resource Mapping Have each school complete an intervention inventory Are their interventions successful? Which will you keep? Which will you discontinue?

30 Resource Mapping What are the other schools in your district doing? Can you use those ideas? Use these ideas and data to invite community partners to present What does your data tell you? What have the other schools been doing?

31 Based on Need Provide trainingCommunity resources

32 Community Resources Staff Training What resources are available When to refer students and families How to refer students and families Systems to access resources Who will make the referral How Who will follow up

33 PBS:RtIB Systems Implementation Model FundingVisibilityPolicies Political Support TrainingCoaching Behavioral Expertise Evaluation District Leadership Team (District Coordinator) School-BasedImplementation We are Here

34 What do we do? District Support If we lack resources? If we lack coordination? If we lack funding?

35 District Support Annual site reports Fidelity Data Student Data VisibilityFunding

36 Resources Contact Information Dr. Eleanor Castillo-Sumi- Rainbow Crane-

37 Questions?

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