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Recovery and development in Southern Sudan: progress during 2006 Abdon Agau Secretary General, GoSS 19 th March 2007 Sudan Consortium, Khartoum.

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1 Recovery and development in Southern Sudan: progress during 2006 Abdon Agau Secretary General, GoSS 19 th March 2007 Sudan Consortium, Khartoum

2 Achievements of 2006 Government of Southern Sudan –Establishment of the basic structures for good governance in Southern Sudan. –Operationalisation of the GoSS and federal level entities States and counties –Selected initiatives to establish governance structures in states –Basic financial and administrative support to counties. Donor support –Inflows were inadequate relative to requirements and commitments

3 Constitutional development The basis for democratic transition in GoSS and state governments firmly established –SSLA fully operational with functioning sub committees and fully engaged in legislation and budgetary approval and review. –Ten state governments and legislative assemblies constituted. Southern Sudan Judiciary operationalised –Seven tier judicial structure (Supreme court, Appeal courts, High Courts, County courts and Traditional Authorities) in place –The number of judges being increased –The capacity of the judicial system to provide timely and efficient justice being strengthened; however additional resources are required. Nineteen autonomous commissions constituted and are being operationalised –Additional resources are required.

4 Accountability; Public Financial management The budget process –96%of the 2006 budget outlay was spent due to lower than expected oil revenues and irregular transfers despite draw down from reserves. –Only 66% of the budgeted development outlay could be spent due to low capacity to manage the procurement process and resource constraint. –Donor support remained below budgeted levels. –Budget sector working groups have been formed for planning purposes. Budget design for 2007 was inclusive and involved all stakeholders. –Budget for 2007 presented on time to Legislative Assembly and approved with a slight lag. Public sector accounting and expenditure management –An Accounting Agent is in place to manage aggregate accounts of GoSS and a separate Project Accounting Agent for MDTF transactions is being appointed. In 2007 budget outturns will be submitted on a quarterly basis to SSLA. –Public Financial Act and an Income tax Act are being drafted to institutionalise the structures for accountability and transparency. –Interim Procurement Regulations are in place and are being followed by GoSS –A Procurement Agent has been appointed to manage all government procurement. Safeguards –The Anti corruption commission has been operationalised. Strict disciplinary action has been taken against errant senior public servants Forensic audits are ongoing to identify and root out corruption in government. –The Auditor general is in place and External Auditors are being appointed. –The Southern Sudan Fiscal and Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission (FFAMC) has been constituted and will guide government on inter governmental transfers.

5 Public administration Cabinet system in GoSS and states fully operational. Twenty Three Ministries of GoSS and all State Governments are functional. Civil service established and process of integration of cadres, recruitment and evaluation of capacity ongoing. Inter governmental relations in Southern Sudan being guided by process of phased decentralisation. External relations –Arrangements for formal bilateral interaction for economic cooperation established in eight countries. –Sixteen consulates established in Juba.

6 Basic services and social sectors The Presidents 200 day plan implemented successfully Education, health and social sector programmes aligned to target MDG indicators. Education –3000 teachers recruited, including from returnees –Programme for rehabilitating physical infrastructure of basic, secondary and higher education launched. –Vocational training facilities being revamped. –Alternate education strategies for adults, war affected and thos with special needs being launched. Health –Physical infrastructure of primary health care being rehabilitated. –Key hospitals being rehabilitated. –The strength of health care personnel being increased through recruitment. Social sectors –Gender –War affected –SSRC

7 Infrastructure Roads programme operational –84 km of city roads completed –2500 km of intercity roads completed Juba port capacity being enhanced Air terminal capacity being Juba enhanced Drinking water supply being enhanced –Significant numbers of bore wells dug –Rehabilitation of the water and sewage system in Juba being rehabilitated. Electricity generation and distribution capacity being enhanced Telecommunications network being developed –VSAT connectivity completed for all state capitals Public housing stock being rehabilitated and enhanced

8 Economic services Planned boost for agricultural productivity being implemented Facilities for livestock and fisheries management enhanced Support for industries being implemented Facilities for private investment enhanced Support for development of markets underway Trade facilitation being implemented

9 Security Police recruitment and training under progress Correctional facilities being rehabilitated DDR being implemented Internal security improved –Reduction in incidents of tribal conflict –Enhanced policing of inter city routes Joint Integrated Units in place

10 The way ahead; Challenges for 2007 Consolidation of early achievements for GoSS Capacity building and strategic interventions for service delivery in states and counties Facilitating donor support: –Technical assistance and financial support required to deal with the low capacity of public entities. –Domestic resources are inadequate and must be supplemented by larger donor support for enhancing pro-poor spending and infrastructure Improving the inclusiveness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of governments pro- poor interventions

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