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Government of Tanzania/DFID Partnership Capacity Building.

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1 Government of Tanzania/DFID Partnership Capacity Building

2 Context Per capita Income US$270 Procurement Related Expenditure 70% of budget TShs 9.0 trillion for FY03 Estimated procurement related corruption 20% of procurement expenditure TShs 180 billion

3 Legal and Regulatory Framework Public Procurement Act and Regulations (2001)  Based on the United Nations UNCITRAL model law  Comparable to EU procurement Directives and World Bank Guidelines Once implemented, will replace or enhance all previous disparate procurement legislation:  Financial Memorandum – local government procurement  Medical Stores Department Act  National Board of Materials Management Act

4 Ongoing Programmes  PFMRP  TAP  PSRP  PRS  LGRP  NACSAP  ATIP

5 ATIP- Accountability, Transparency and Integrity Project Objectives; To provide Technical Assistance to the Central Tender Board To provide training needs assessment and design of training courses

6 Other Issues/Programmes Affecting Procurement  WB/DAC Initiative  CPAR (draft report issued 7 January, final report March 2003)  WTO/WB (regional workshop last week)  Integrated Framework (for trade related technical assistance)

7 Capacity Building Issues Central Government – includes: –Central Tender Board –Ministerial Tender Board –Regional Tender Board –Prevention of Corruption Bureau –Prosecutor’s Office/Judiciary – National Audit Office

8 Other important areas include: – Public Organisations –Local Government –Private Sector –Civil Society

9 Capacity Building Issues for central Government Strengthening of central institutions in the new procurement system Determination of the need for specialist training for senior officers in specific areas in high spending ministries including PCB, National Audit Office, Attorney General’s Chambers and Central Tender Board Intermediate skills training

10 Capacity building- areas for consideration Public awareness campaign of the Public Procurement Act No. 3 of 2001 and the reformed system Initial training of procurement practitioners Training of trainers Tailor made training Sustainable training and professional development

11 Capacity Building - areas for consideration Dissemination of information to heads of procurement of key entities Capacity to support the new procedures built at all levels, including: - staff involved in procurement - policy makers - private sector and civil society Training needs assessment and design of training courses for the procurement cadre

12 Capacity Building - Areas for Consideration  Dissemination and application of the rules contained in the legal framework Distribution and enforcement of Standard Documents  Local Government procurement regulations  Public Procurement Appeals and Remedies  CTB and other Tender Boards  Monitoring and Compliance  Procurement Cadre  Procurement management Units  Personnel  Training  Training Institutions and Courses  Information Flow

13 Partnership Approach  Links to on going programmes  Government Of Tanzania Ministries  Prevention of Corruption Bureau  CTB and other Tender Boards  UK and other donor central and local government authorities  Procurement Agents  UK Office of Government Commerce  Building on Successes  Lesson Sharing – country and regional perspectives  Training Institutions

14 Conclusion Commitment Procurement Reform Tanzanian Government and donor relationships Harmonised approach

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