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By Michele Deceuster. Where would you choose to live?

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1 By Michele Deceuster

2 Where would you choose to live?

3 This is a Rural Community  In a rural community the houses are usually far apart.  There is a lot of land and it is far from the city.  The population is low.  There are not many big stores around.  It is peaceful and quiet.  It can also be described as living in the country.

4 This is a Suburban Community  In a suburban community there are a lot of homes.  Neighbors live close by.  There are plenty of stores for all of your needs.  The population is in the middle.  It is close to a big city.

5 This is an Urban Community  In an urban community there are many buildings.  Some people call it living in the city.  Urban communities have high populations and are often crowded.  There are not as many houses in an urban community, people usually live in apartment buildings or condos.  It can be very noisy!

6 Homes in a rural community

7 Homes in a suburban community

8 Homes in an urban community

9 Common jobs in a rural community  Farmers  Miners  Store clerks

10 Common jobs in a suburban community  Store owner  Waiter/Waitress  Cashier  Doctor  Dentist  School Teacher

11 Common jobs in an urban community  CEO’s  Businessmen/women  Bankers  Lawyers  Restaurant Owners  Artists  Models  Actors/Actresses

12 Animals in a rural community  Horses  Cows  Pigs  Chickens  Sheep  Goats

13 Animals in a suburban community  Dogs  Cats  Rabbits  Fish  Hampsters

14 Animals in an urban community  Small Dogs  Fish  Cats

15 Transportation in a rural community

16 Transportation in a suburban community

17 Transportation in an urban community  Subways  Taxis  Sports Cars

18 Would you most like to live in a Rural, Suburban, or Urban community? Why?

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