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Application of PROCOMAP – Case Study of Mancherial Forest Division, Adilabad Indu K. Murthy.

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1 Application of PROCOMAP – Case Study of Mancherial Forest Division, Adilabad Indu K. Murthy

2 Objectives Present a case study of application of PROCOMAP model Data Requirement Sources of Data Method or Approach Data Inputs Data Outputs

3 Land Use Pattern in Mancherial Forest Division Land UseArea in 1996 (ha) Area in 2000 (ha) Geographic area225299 Forest area112930110670 Dense forest1951729100 Open forest4019448614 Scrub3726324395 Blanks159548560

4 Afforestation and Reforestation in Mancherial Forest Division

5 Baseline Scenario Area under forest 112930 in 1996 & 110670 in 2000 Projected to increase during 2000 to 2012, if funding available and decrease if no funding Afforestation rate in 1996 – very low & in 2000 – high, 2290 ha afforested Projected to increase/decrease during 2000 to 2012, depending on funding

6 Project Scenario Land category Total area (ha) Mitigation activity Propose d area (ha) Phasing (No. of years) Scrub24395Natural regeneration 121971 Blanks8560Short rotation plantation 51365 Long rotation plantation 34245

7 Project Boundary

8 Data Needs, Source & Methods for Baseline DataSource / Approach Land use- Forest Department Potential area- Scrubs and Blanks Afforestation rates- Forest Department C-stocks- AGB: Field studies (Plot Method) - BGB: Default ratio - Litter: Literature - Soil C: Field sampling and laboratory analysis Investment on blanks, scrub etc. - No dedicated expenditure Income from blanks, scrub etc. - Grass yield: 5 t of fresh grass - Shrubs (twigs): 1 t / ha/yr - Financial value: Rs. 750 (grass) + Rs. 500 (fuelwood)

9 Data Needs and Methods- Project Scenario Project activity Based on JFM patterns - Teak, secondary forest regeneration Multi-component & objective - Short rotation: FW, income - Long rotation: Timber, income - Sec forest reg.: BD, NTFP Area & rate of A&R - Based on past trends & barriers - Forest division selected as project boundary - Land categories allocated to project activities - Rate/phasing * Aim to afforest in 3 to 5 years * Feasible if investment funds available

10 Contd… Above Ground Biomass- Field studies in past A&R areas with similar climate and topography - Plot method - Teak, eucalyptus of different age selected, secondary regeneration Below Ground Biomass- Conversion factor Woody Litter- Marginal due to fuelwood extraction - 4 t/ha Soil Organic Carbon- Field sampling - Laboratory analysis Growth Rate- AGB (Teak plantation - BSL) divided by age - SOC (Teak plantation - BSL) divided by age

11 Financial Data: Costs and Benefits Establishment cost- Forest Department per ha data for 3 years * Land preparation, nursery, planting, gap filling etc. Protection and maintenance cost (Silvicultural practices) - Forest Department records Monitoring- Field studies Harvesting- Forest Department records Allocation of MAI to different components - Literature Outputs & Prices- Survey

12 Approach Select C-pools Estimate C-stock under baseline & project scenario Estimate C-stock change under project scenario Estimate annual & cumulative net C-stock change Net carbon benefit can be estimated for any selected period Benefit: Cost Discount cash flow analysis Change in C-stock under project scenario – Change in C-stock under baseline scenario

13 Data Input - Baseline DataUnitDetails Area suitable for the project HaScrub – 24395 Blanks – 8560 Phasing of projectYears1 to 5 AGBtons/haShort rotation: 0.87 Long rotation: 0.67 Regeneration: 0.87 BGBtons/haAGB/ha * 0.26 SOCtC/haDegraded lands - 22.49 to 38.81 Investment CostRs/haNil BenefitsRs/ha1050

14 Data Inputs: Project Scenario Area (ha)Short rotation (Eucalyptus): 5136 Long rotation (Teak): 3424 Regeneration (Sec forest): 12197 MAI (AGB) (t/ha/yr) Short rotation (Eucalyptus): 9 Long rotation (Teak): 7.33 Regeneration (Sec forest): 10.75 BGB (t/ha/yr)MAI (AGB) X 0.26 Litter (t/ha/yr)Literature SOC (tC/ha/yr)Short rotation (Eucalyptus): 0.3 Long rotation (Teak): 1 Regeneration (Sec forest): 1.2

15 Cost, Production & Benefit Details TeakEucalyptusNatural regeneration Y1Y2Y3Y1Y2Y3Y1Y2Y3 Initial cost223451927 115665000 --- Recurring cost1200 1000 --- Monitoring cost--------- Monitoring every fifth year only Current prices of timber, pole and fuelwood

16 C-Stock Changes in Baseline No change in C-stock, remains constant

17 C-Stock Changes in Project Scenario ~ 41 t/ha accumulated ~ 3.5 t/ha/yr

18 Net Carbon Benefit (2000-2012)

19 Cost-Effectiveness Project activityInvestment cost (Rs) Life cycle cost (Rs) Per haPer tCPer haPer tC Long rotation Short rotation Natural regeneration Total

20 Project Level Carbon Benefits

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