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HR Consulting Services Vassia Atsali, Yioula Georgiou,

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1 HR Consulting Services Vassia Atsali, Yioula Georgiou,

2 Agenda Page 2 Introduction Why we can be your Ally Who we are HR Consulting Services To SMEs To LEs Workshops Coaching Further services FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

3 Introduction Page 3 Our proposal is holistic: Within a company people, processes and technology are interrelated, interdependent and interact in relationships and patterns to create a system as a whole. The system is more than the sum of its components. This approach allows us to  understand how changing a component changes the system as a whole  identify reinforcing and compensating feedback loops  understand how systems adapt to the external environment. HR Development & Leadership FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

4 Introduction Page 4 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

5 Why we can be your Ally Page 5 We know how: 45 years of cumulative experience in in IT companies, both national and international, in areas/projects including: Headcount Planning Recruitment Οn-boarding Objectives Setting Performance Management & Evaluation Compensation & Benefits Training & Development Consulting Entities Reorganization and Process Reengineering Managing Teams of: Engineers, - HR specialists - Sales people Managing Projects Downsizing / Rightsizing Business and Executive Coaching FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

6 Business Development executive with 20 years of experience in penetrating new and diverse market sectors, by building, leading and motivating teams of Sales, Technical and HR Recruiting professionals. Main highlights of career range from designing and implementing Computer Networks, Selling Integrated Networking Solutions, Running Family and Career Counseling Sessions and Leading a Recruiting Function in South-Eastern Europe and Middle-East. BSc and an MSc in Computer Science, as well as BSc in Psychology and a specialization in Systemic Counseling and Coaching. Vassia Atsali Managing Partner- Business & Career Development Consultant Who we are Yioula Georgiou Management Consultant - HR & Transformation HR Principal Consultant with 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management & Services in Multinational Companies on both local and regional level. Main highlights of her career scale from integrating, transforming and right-sizing subsidiaries in Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Middle-East and Israel to merging companies and up-skilling acquired employees to meet new company objectives. Holds a BSc in Business Administration and an MSc in Strategic HR Management. FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

7 HR Consulting Services Page 7 Small & Medium Enterprises & Large Enterprises Local / International FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

8 HR Consulting Services Page 8 FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

9 SMEs full HR services portfolio Page 9  Restructuring ●Integrate & Migrate after Merger and/or Acquisition ●Right-size based on Company’s new Business Environment with main focus on Profitability ●Change Organization Chart and Matrix to better serve Business needs and have Economies of Scale  Transformation ●Cascade company’s objectives and align all personal and individual objectives ●Engage Employees towards Company’s Vision, Mission and Strategy ●Establish Processes to capture lost revenue and take corrective actions ●Establish Performance Controls and introduce Consequence Management ●Identify potential duplication of effort or conflict of interest and take corrective actions ●From Micromanagement to People Development ●From Excel Management to Business Management  Re-skilling ●Agree on necessary Skills and Competencies per Job Position to align to company objectives ●Re-shuffle workplace to further engage employees ●Improve Company’s Working Standards to increase productivity and quality ●Empower Employees to meet new Challenges  Mergers and Acquisitions  On-Demand Customized Services FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

10 LEs Customized HR Services Page 10 Customized Services on a Project basis, acting as a wing-man to the HRD: Design and facilitation of Management or any other Workshop Active support in any internal Transformation Coaching and/or Mentoring to low performers or new managers Hands-on in any HR project i.e. employee survey, PMO (Project Management Office), etc FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

11 Workshops Page 11 Stress & Time Management Motivation Presentation Skills Sales skills for Technical people Communication & Effective Meetings Performance Management and Evaluation Basic People Management Skills Effective Leader Agile Leader Customized… FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

12 Coaching Page 12  What? Coaching at Flya Consulting aims to help an individual and/or a team of people make progress within a business environment and there is a focus on achieving short and long term results for the benefit of the business. Coaching is a tool aiming to develop senior managers, directors and key players to maximize their own potential. Coaching is a process that may enhance current performance, taking skills and abilities to a new level and help individuals adapt to new situations.  Why? It is powerful partnership relationship between coach and coachee with proven results in the current volatile environment that requires agility.  Who? Anybody that wants to make successful changes  When? Whenever a change is desired or happening  How? The coach by asking powerful questions can support you release positive energy and achieve desired goals in work and life.  Where can have a positive impact? Performance enhancement, decision making, communication skills, stress management, time management, relationships management, executive and leadership skills, business development, motivation, positive thinking, personal life changes, etc. FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

13 Furthermore Page 13 Mentoring - Outplacement Services to employees: Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Orientation for adolescents Etc. FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

14 QUESTIONS? FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

15 THANK YOU! FLYA Consulting © All rights reserved

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