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CRISIS AND RESURGENCE 1969-2000. The Impact of Watergate Copy the chart on page 334 in your notebook from the Brown Book.

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2 The Impact of Watergate Copy the chart on page 334 in your notebook from the Brown Book

3 Ford’s Presidency 1974-1977 His first act as President was to pardon Nixon In his Presidency experienced “stagflation”- high unemployment with inflation

4 Imperial Presidency Richard Nixon was President from 1969-1974 He was conservative Abused his power Bombed Cambodia and Laos without consulting Congress Radio and television increased the President’s ability to appeal to the public quickly

5 OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Formed by Arab countries In 1973 Arab nations placed an embargo of oil on the United States for siding with Israel Oil prices shot up Heating a home, prices of food, electricity, and gasoline became very expensive

6 Carter’s Presidency 1977-1981 Make a foldable of Carter’s Domestic Program chart on page 336 of the brown book

7 Community Reinvestment Act Required banks to make credit available in poor communities, preventing the decay of low income neighborhoods in inner cities

8 Israel and Palestine Conflict In 1948 the United Nations established Israel as the homeland of the Jews after the Holocaust Many Jews had lived there along with Palestinian Arabs U.S. Policy was very supportive of Israel Israel relied on U.S. economic and Military aid from the U.S.

9 Camp David Accords In 1948 Israel and Egypt were at war In 1977 President Carter invited Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt and Menachem Begin, the Prime Minister of Israel to a peace agreement at Camp David in Maryland Under the Camp David Accords Israel agreed to return the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt and in exchange Egypt offered a peace treaty with Israel ending a 30 year war

10 Iran Hostage Crisis Create a foldable on this incident Who was involved: What was the reason for the conflict: Where did this conflict occur: When did the conflict occur: Why did it occur: ****Make sure you mention the Ayatollah Khomeini*****

11 Tinker v. Des Moines 1969 The Supreme court continued to protect First amendment rights The Issue: students were suspended for wearing black arm bands to school to protest the Vietnam War The Ruling: the Supreme Court said this was a violation of their 1 st amendment right and said students could wear the armbands and protest the war

12 Wisconsin vs Yoder 1972 The issue: Wisconsin law required Amish children to go to school past the 8 th grade The Ruling: the Supreme Court said this was a violation of Amish religious beliefs on the issue of freedom of religion

13 Inflation 1970’s saw prices rises Rising unemployment Nixon cut social programs to control spending Took America off the gold standard Imposed wage and price control All attempts to control inflation did not work

14 EPA Environmental Protection Act Passed by Nixon Sets air and water pollution standards for citi4es and engages in monitoring and enforcement activities. Private citizens can file lawsuits against polluters under the EPA

15 Endangered Species Act 1973 Nixon placed this law in effect Requires fish and wildlife service to list species of plants and animals that are endangered and threatened with extinction Law is designed to protect endangered plants and animals

16 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment that states “ Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the U.S. on account of sex This amendment was finally approved after years of suffrage fighting

17 Phyllis Schlafly Critic the Equal Rights Amendment She believed that this amendment hurt the roles of mothers and wives Schlafly also believed that the ERA deprived women of the “right” to be supported and protected by men. She believed unisex bathrooms and the requirement for women to fight in combat was next

18 Scandal in the White House and the Watergate Crisis Under the 25 th amendment Nixon replaced his Vice President with Gerald Ford when it was discovered he was taking bribes in office Watergate Crisis 1972 a group of CIA agents working for Nixon’s re- election campaign broke into the Democratic party headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. to steal information regarding Nixon’s political opponents

19 Watergate Cover Up Nixon tried to cover up the break in by stating it was a matter of national security Nixon was investigated anyway by the Attorney General Watergate tapes: A Presidential aide said Nixon helped in the cover up Second Nixon was found recording all of his White House conversations and refused to give up his tapes for investigation citing “executive privilege” Nixon also stated that Congress had no authority to question members of the Executive Branch

20 Watergate Scandal

21 United States vs. Nixon Nixon stated that if he gave up his tapes then he would be violating the separation of powers clause and it would lead to judicial control of the Presidency. When the case was appealed the U.S. Supreme Court they ruled that Nixon had to give up the tapes reaffirming the principle that NO ONE is above the law.

22 Nixon resigns When the tapes were made public it proved that Nixon was involved in the scandal and cover up and the House of Representatives moved to “impeach” him. Fearing removal from political office, Nixon resigns instead of being impeached. No U. S. President has ever been impeached and removed Impeachment is a formal accusation of wrong doing If Nixon had been impeached by both the Senate and the House of Representatives he would have been the only President in history to be “removed” from office as well

23 Nixon’s Foreign Policy Nixon re-opened relations with China 1972 and restored diplomatic relations with Communist China. Détente with the Soviet Union 1972- Détente: a relaxing of tensions Nixon became the first President to visit China and Moscow 1972 Nixon signed the SALT agreement that limited the development of nuclear missiles

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