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Child Labor.

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1 Child Labor

2 Mill Worker By 1900, 1 in 4 mill workers was under the age of 16
The children employees were often orphans They worked and lived at the mill They worked the same hours as adults

3 Mill work was dangerous, children could…
They did jobs that required quick feet and small hands rather than skill. Jobs like… Changing the spools when they were full Running the automatic spinning machines sweeping Mill work was dangerous, children could… be scalped when their hair got caught in the machines have their hands crushed by the machines fall into the machines and die

4 Newsie Newsies were not usually orphans, but were almost always poor or homeless They bought 100 papers for 50 ₵ then sold then at little profit They could not refund the papers they bought, so they had to choose which papers to sell with care They would scout out the best places in town to sell and make it their territory They often faked injuries or illness Real injuries were considered helpful for work


6 Miner Most mines were located in the middle and south in the country
Children did not do the actual mining Their jobs included… Opening the trap doors for the mining carts Carrying coal out of the mine Sorting coal from slate

7 Dangers of mining were…
Mine collapses Having their arms ripped off by carts Lung diseases “Red Tips” a skin condition caused by the sulfur in coal. It causes fingers to be swollen and burns the top layer of skin off

8 Seafood Worker Child seafood workers often lived in workhouses with their parents The day lasted from 3:30 to 5:00 Jobs included… Shelling oysters & shrimp Filleting fish canning Dangers were… The knives used Bacteria Irritation from the salt

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