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Paying to Warm Up Provo Nathan Hill Jon Marshall.

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1 Paying to Warm Up Provo Nathan Hill Jon Marshall

2 = Huge Gas Bills!  Water Heater  Gas stove/oven  Gas Dryer -- Gas Heater!! --

3 Windows are a huge source of energy loss  Convection  leaks  Conduction  K=1.4  Radiation  Night – lose heat  Day – gain heat

4 Single Pane Windows are the Worst!  Most students in Provo live in houses with windows more like this

5 Example of Double-Pane Construction Double pane utilizes the lower convection coefficient of various gases between the panes. But they can be expensive.

6 Picture of box hereAlternative  Plastic Insulation  Several Options at any hardware store  This product is available at Home Depot

7 Picture of us installing hereInstallation  Installs with double sided tape  Blow dry with hair dryer until taught  Installed in 3 – 5 min

8 window Is it worth it?  We wanted to compare the heat flux between the single pane and the plastic insulated window  We wanted to find out how much it really helps

9 window L =.003175 m T o = 292 K T i = 295 K K = 1.4 Single Pane Analysis q” = 165.4 W/m2

10 window L =.0254 m T i = 292 K plastic Plastic Insulation Analysis

11 Picture of box here Here are the Numbers Typical Gas Heater efficiency ≈ 75%

12 Picture of box here We want to know how much we can save! Energy Cost Natural Gas ≈ $10.00/Mbtu

13 Picture of box hereAssumptions  Heat radiation into and out of the windows is negligible  Constant outside temperature throughout the month  With plastic: outside surface window temp = inside surface temp

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