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HOMEWORK AS. DATE SET: W.C. 22.9.14 p6 (variables) in R.M pack p8-10 in R.M pack (non-experimental methods) p22-24 (aim, hypotheses) in R.M pack.

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Presentation on theme: "HOMEWORK AS. DATE SET: W.C. 22.9.14 p6 (variables) in R.M pack p8-10 in R.M pack (non-experimental methods) p22-24 (aim, hypotheses) in R.M pack."— Presentation transcript:


2 DATE SET: W.C. 22.9.14 p6 (variables) in R.M pack p8-10 in R.M pack (non-experimental methods) p22-24 (aim, hypotheses) in R.M pack

3 DATE SET: W.-+C. 29.9.14 p11, 13-17 and 21in R.M packs (sampling, ethics & pilot studies) Complete individual homework task Complete tasks 3, 5,6 & 8 in memory booklet (p5-8) (you will be given the booklet in our first lesson on memory)

4 DATE SET: W.C. 6.10.14 P18&19 in R.M pack (reliability and validity) Flashcards on ‘research methods’ topics covered so far Go to psych website and complete the test on capacity – don’t forget to record your results on the site once you have done this! Go to working memory model (WMM) section (AS unit 1 – memory – WMM) and watch the powerpoint presentation and make notes.

5 DATE SET: W.C. 13.10.14 Flashcards on MSM Individual homework (focus to be on MSM & Research methods) Complete 1 st task on page 3 in WMM booklet ( share&utm_medium=copy ) share&utm_medium=copy Be ready to submit induction portfolio

6 DATE SET: WEEK BEGINNING - 20.10.14 FOR OVER HALF TERM – DUE IN DOUBLE LESSON Complete pages 13-15 in the EWT booklet Complete Assessment 10 (pg 13 in MSM booklets) Outline and evaluate the MSM (12 marks) Prepare for timed class assessment on MSM after half term Flashcards

7 WEEK SET: 3/11/14 – HOMEWORK & READING WEEK WORK Complete assessment 2 on the WMM (sheet given in lesson) Complete essay on misleading information (ass 18) Complete memory improvement strategies section of pack as revision (p8-11) Go onto psych205 and read up on the two explanations of attachment (learning theory and evolutionary theory) as well as looking in your textbook. Then write a summary outlining each theory using the website and textbook to help you (do not directly copy!) – in the exam an outline of each would be worth between 5&6 marks

8 WEEK SET 17.11.14 Complete pages 43-47 in RM pack on designing interviews and questionnaires. In the ‘Explanations of attachment’ pack, complete assessment 7 (pg12-13) In the ‘Types of attachment and Cultural variations’ pack, complete assessments 9&10 (pgs3&4) Go to and read the disruption to attachment page & watch the clips.

9 WEEK SET: 24.11.14 Complete pg’s 31-38 in RM packs Complete pg’s 5-7 and p9 in ‘Types of attachment & Cultural variations’ pack Complete pg’s 1-3 (not evaluation) and pg’s 5-6 in the ‘impact of day care’ pack Prepare for timed assessment on attachment (theories, types of attachment and cultural variations in attachment)

10 WEEK SET: 1.12.14 Complete pages 52- 53 and 55-58 on ‘Correlational analysis’ and ‘Interpreting qualitative data’ in R.M packs. Go to Under the ‘Attachment’ tab click on ‘How research into attachment and day care has affected child care practices’ – Read the information on the page and follow the instructions to complete the worksheet. Make sure your flashcards/revision aids are up to date (remember there is a checklist on the psych website to help you check)

11 WEEK SET: 8.12.14 Do A3 poster on impact of day care on peer relationships (description and evaluation points) Complete pages 50& 51 on ‘Designing observations’ in RM packs. Complete the following essay for Assessment 5: Psychologists have studied children who have lived in institutions such as orphanages. Outline and evaluate research into the effects of institutionalisation. (12 marks) At the top of your essay please write down one way you have improved on your evaluation. Revision (including flashcards etc) of Unit 1 in preparation for revision lessons next week.

12 WEEK SET: 15.12.14 (XMAS H/W) Prepare for Unit 1 Mock Exam. Go to – click on Unit 2 – Psychopathology ‘Definitions of abnormality’ Read page, watch clips and complete the worksheet in preparation for the first lesson back after Christmas

13 WEEK SET: 5.1.15 Prepare for mock exam next week.

14 WEEK SET: 12.1.15 Go to - Unit 2, Psychopathology, Biological therapies – Read the information and watch the video clips. Complete TASKS 1-3 in Biological therapies pack

15 WEEK SET: 19.1.15 Complete assessment 13 & 14 in pack 3 (Biological therapies) Complete pages 1-5 on the Psychodynamic approach in pack 4 (Psychological explanations of psychopathology).

16 WEEK SET 26.1.15 Go to; Unit 2, Psychopathology, Psychological therapies - watch the clips, read the information and complete the activities. Complete tasks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 in psychological therapies pack (pack 5) Flashcards/mind maps on the psychopathology topic so far.

17 WEEK SET: 2.2.15 WEEK DUE: 9.2.15 Prepare for 12 mark timed essay on one of the approaches to psychopathology Go to and read information on ‘Body’s response to stress’ and complete worksheet 1

18 WEEK SET: 9.2.15 – FEBRUARY HALF TERM WORK DUE FOR THE FIRST LESSON BACK. Complete pack 1 (The Body’s response to stress) using knowledge from previous homework. Complete pack 4 (Workplace stress) If you have any questions on pack 1 or 4, write them down and bring them to the first lesson back.

19 WEEK SET: 23.2.15 WEEK DUE: 2.3.15 In the stress management pack (pack 6): Complete pages 5-7. For the evaluation section, use the textbook to help you if you get stuck. Complete Assessment 26 (pg8) Revision for stress so far

20 WEEK SET: 2.3.15 WEEK DUE: 9.3.15 In Social influence pack 2: Complete pages 1-3 (up to ‘Evaluation of Milgram’s research) and task 5 on pages 5&6 Revision for Unit 2 so far (individual differences & stress)

21 WEEK SET: 9.3.15 WEEK DUE: 16.3.15 Answer the following essay question: ‘Outline and evaluate what psychological research has shown about the stressful impact of Life Changes and Daily Hassles.’ (12marks) Complete pages 1-3 in social influence pack 4 (explanations for independent behaviour)

22 WEEK SET: 16.3.15 WEEK DUE: 23.3.15 Complete assessment 9 in the ‘explanations for independent behaviour’ pack Pick a topic from unit 2 that you have found difficult. After recapping the topic, complete one other assessment from the pack Revision for unit 2

23 WEEK SET 23.3.15 EASTER HOMEWORK Revision for exams! Remember if there are any topics you are unsure about, make a list and when you get back either ask me about them or attend a subject extension to get further help.

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