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Objectives: Have some useful tips for doing well Know the layout and expectations of the exam paper.

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1 Objectives: Have some useful tips for doing well Know the layout and expectations of the exam paper.


3 Don’t get stressed get prepared!! Exam is 1 and 1/2 hours You must answer question 1 parts a) and b) in 30 Mins AND The Education question part a) and b) in 60 Mins

4 Before the exam Revise !!!!!!!! Practice answering questions to time Know beforehand how much time you should allocate to each question according to the marks available Have the right equipment ready Eat and sleep well Take time-out to relax Remember that some adrenaline when going into the exam will help you perform better! BUT talk to someone in school or at home if you get too stressed.

5 During the Exam Read the instructions on the paper thoroughly Regularly check the time Plan your longer answers – but don’t spend too long on this! Check your answers by reading back over them Keep your handwriting legible Clearly mark on your answer booklet which question you are answering

6 Research Methods Compulsory question What you need to know You need to know definitions of and advantages and disadvantages of all the methods in the textbook and how to evaluate each method in terms of GROVER (generalisability, representativeness, operationalisation, validity, ethics and reliability). You should know which methods are qualitative and which are quantitative.You should also be able to give examples of research you know about. (see sheet with summaries of research on education). You also need to know the different sampling methods and why they are selected for certain types of research.

7 Question 1 a) 10 marks – 10 minutes (a) Using material from the item and elsewhere, identify the main strengths of questionnaires. (10) AO1 6 AO2 4 This will basically be a ‘what’ question. Asking you to define what something is. You will be given an example of some research on a topic and could be asked to give a definition of the method used or perhaps another term e.g qualitative, quota sampling etc, using the source material and your own knowledge. You should make 3 points and to get AO2 marks you need to develop them by giving examples from the source material or elsewhere and by stating the advantages or disadvantages of the method/term you have defined e.g questionnaire.

8 Question 1 b) 20 marks – 20 minutes b) With reference to the item and sociological studies and research, assess the strengths of triangulation. (20) AO1 12 Ao2 8 This is basically more of a ‘why’ question. Asking you to say why a researcher might make certain decisions e.g why use interviews or questionnaires, or secondary sources, why select their sample the way they have. To get 20 marks you need to make 5 points which are developed using GROVER (see above) and advantages and disadvantages of methods/sampling etc. Your answers also need to be in the context of the source material and you will be asked to refer to other studies from your own knowledge.

9 Question 2 Education These could be any question based around the 14 booklet topics that we have covered. You should know:- Key terms e.g meritocracy, hidden curriculum – there are lots of them. key points/patterns e.g on gender, ethnicity etc, names of writers, linked research studies, linked theories e.g Functionalism, Marxism and evaluation or strengths and weaknesses (AO2s). You need to pay attention to command words (see handbook) Use activities, key words and essay plans at back of booklets.

10 Question 2 a) 20 marks – 20 minutes AO1 12 AO2 8 Command words may vary e.g outline and assess, or define and explain etc. This question may ask you to define a key term like ‘meritocracy’ and explain or assess it. Brief introduction This is a shorter essay and you should aim to make 3-4 points with a range of evidence to support your points and SOME depth.

11 Question 2 b) 40 marks - 40 minutes AO1 20 AO2 20 This is a longer essay and is examining your skills of evaluation and analysis more, you need range AND depth. You can jot a quick plan if you have time Include an introduction and conclusion This question will ask you to Discuss, assess or critically assess etc. The essay should be set out as an argument. You might be assessing for example, the usefulness of say Marxist view of education or cultural explanations of school failure or whether processes that occur in school cause children to fail or not. Use evaluative language at every opportunity and make VERY explicit links to the question in your answer. Aim to make at least 6-8 main points use PEEA !!!

12 Extra Tips ! The key to doing well in exams is all about revision and practice. Half the battle is writing good essays to time. Watch the news and apply your knowledge to current debates. This will help you understand the issues and consolidate your knowledge. Anything current you can include in your answers will get extra marks but don’t overdo it, remember you need actual research studies writers and theories too ! GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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