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1 ITRC Mission ITRC is A state-led coalition working together with industry and stakeholders to achieve regulatory acceptance of environmental technologies.

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1 1 ITRC Mission ITRC is A state-led coalition working together with industry and stakeholders to achieve regulatory acceptance of environmental technologies ITRC works to: Eliminate barriers; Promote use of new env. technologies Reduce compliance costs Maximize States resources Bring together a diverse mix of environmental experts and stakeholders from the public and private sectors - To broaden and deepen technical knowledge - To streamline regulation of new env. Technologies

2 2 ITRC Vision End results: Develop markets for improved environmental technologies Increased use of innovative technologies More efficient and effective environmental protection Create institutionalized processes: accelerate review and deployment of innovative tech. and data acceptance by state regulatory agencies Make advocates of stakeholders for innovative solutions ITRC represents an objective info. resource on a wide range of effective and demonstrated technologies Improve Environmental Performance and Protection While Reducing Associated Costs and Regulatory Burdens by Streamlining the Deployment of Environmental Technology

3 3 History of ITRC Envisioned by California & Texas on a napkin in 1995 Outgrowth of a federal advisory committee - To encourage deployment of innovative technologies - Change “perception” of regulators as barriers - States take ownership for designing “solutions” vs. “Barriers” Commitment to ITRC has resulted in growth from a “committee” of 25 working on 3 technical areas to an organization of 370 members focusing on 14 technical areas simultaneously

4 4 ITRC Organization Structure Board of Directors (set direction of ITRC) ECOS/ERIS (State integration and program management) State points of contact (“POCs”-State leadership/marketing) Technical Team Leaders (product development & training) Technical Team Members – States, industry, federal, and public (making ITRC work) Program Advisors (assist teams)

5 5 Roles And Responsibilities Board Of Directors Makes strategic decisions for ITRC (i.e., business plans, selects projects, approves budget, changes in management structure and procedures, etc.) Co-Chairs are selected by majority vote of the full ITRC Membership Co-Chairs appoint rest of voting members of the Board Board appoints Team Leaders and selects Program Director

6 6 Roles And Responsibilities Host Organization (ERIS) Overall Program/Project Management with emphasis on fiscal management Serve on Board Of Directors as Ex-Officio Member Hosts ITRC Program Director who makes day to day management decisions (operations and staffing) with guidance from Board Co-Chairs and implements strategic decisions made by the Board

7 7 Roles And Responsibilities Other state associations (SSEB/WGA) Conducting constituency outreach Serve on Board of Directors as Ex-Officio members

8 8 Roles And Responsibilities State points of contact (POCs) Primary representative in states to ITRC Facilitate use of ITRC products (marketing & success stories) Identify potential Work Team members Provide state-wide input to prioritize ITRC work (FYPP) Lead development of project proposals for new areas (FYPP) Assist teams in gaining State concurrence on products

9 9 Roles And Responsibilities Technical Teams Promote info exchange and tech transfer among States, researchers, and interested parties Reach consensus with Team members Create guidance for ITRC products Promote use of Team products - Coordinate with State Engagement Must meet goals in project proposal / PTR outcomes on schedule and within Budget

10 10 Roles And Responsibilities Team leaders Set the Team’s direction. Build a Team to accomplish goals. Develop project proposals (each year). Develops and approves annual work plan & Team Member responsibilities based on funding level. Communicate with Program Director; Report on progress, challenges, contractor reviews, etc. Promote outcomes to advance the ITRC mission.

11 11 Roles And Responsibilities Program advisors Strategic partner to team leader in identifying mission of team and expected outcomes Assist with work plan development, federal partner outreach, and team recruitment Provide technical assistance to team leader/members in development of products (i.e., Research on sites, document writing and/or editing, quality assurance, internet training, development, etc.)

12 12 Roles And Responsibilities Program advisors (cont.) Participate in overall ITRC strategic/management planning and organization development activities at direction of Program Director. Work with other Program Advisors to assist with cross-team integration. Assist Team Leaders with understanding of broader ITRC deliverables/processes (i.E., Project proposals, progress tracking reports, etc.).

13 13 ITRC Success Stories Time and cost savings from ITRC Guidance documents Internet and classroom training Information and expertise provided by team leaders/members Collaboration between states, federal agencies, industry, and the public

14 14 Benefits of Active Team Membership Directly involved in developing national guidance Higher degree of professional visibility Meet and interact with experts in the field Greater understanding of what other states are doing Sharpen negotiating skill and learn how to reach consensus (or learn how difficult that can actually be) Bottom line: you get out the ITRC what you put into it

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