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SWIFT School Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation

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1 SWIFT School Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation
NH State Advisory Committee for the NH DOE Bureau of Special Education December 3, 2014 Maura Hart, Ed. D.


3 What is SWIFT? SWIFT is a national K-8 technical assistance center focused on providing academic and behavioral support for all students, including those with the most extensive needs. SWIFT partners with the whole school community in ways that positively transform the learning outcomes of all students.

4 Mission of SWIFT The mission of the SWIFT Center is to assist districts and their schools to engage in a transformational process in concert with their families and communities to achieve equity and excellence for all students.

5 Team work School District Families Community Teachers Administrators
District Support SWIFT TA

6 From Silos to SWIFT SWIFT … Eliminates silos
Bridges general and specialized education Creates powerful learning opportunities for students and teachers Promotes active, engaged partnerships among families and community members. Jessica


8 Implementation Science
Implementation Stages: Implementation Drivers: Exploration Installation Initial Implementation Full Implementation Leadership Technical Adaptive Organization Systems intervention, Facilitative Administration, Decision support Data System Competency Coaching, training and selection

9 Mission of SWIFT Excellence as determined by measurable student social and academic gains; Equity as defined by the measurable capacity of each school to deliver the intensity and range of supports to meet the needs of each student and extending to their family and community; and where All is defined as the measurable integrated active engagement of all students and their families in the learning process.

10 SWIFT-FIT Fidelity of Implementation Tool
Research-quality assessment Measures extent to which school personnel is installing the core features of SWIFT Completed by trained assessors on a single day Used as a research tool Interviews are conducted with various stakeholders; evidence sources are collected

11 SWIFT-FIA Fidelity Integrity Assessment
Same conceptual structure as the SWIFT-FIT Progress-monitoring measure Completed as a self-assessment by a school leadership team about every 3 months Results intended to guide immediate next steps for promoting SWIFT implementation.

12 Continued Data Collection
District Capacity Assessment: State Capacity Assessment: Administered 1X per year Includes full Administrative Teams Superintendent Director of Student Services Curriculum Director Other as per district Administered 1X per year Includes members of DOE who have strongest understanding of the capacities of the state to support their schools and districts.


14 State Support and Scale Up
SEA Team development SEA Leadership Team formation State Capacity Assessment Interviews Communication Infusing SWIFT within initiatives Quarterly meetings Statewide PLI (annual: in district or statewide) Recruitment and scale up across districts

15 NH DOE Recruitment NH is bringing on 16 new schools per year
“Development Sites” Application process for will begin in January 2014 Joey Nichol will help schools and districts with applications and on-boarding NH SWIFT DOE Innovation Coach will be full time to assist Development Sites Maura Hart will assist with fidelity of process within Technical Assistance as well as overall messaging

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