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Learning area 5 Job done!.

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1 Learning area 5 Job done!

2 What have I learnt? We’ve been doing a lot of learning about the world of work and futures. Now we are going to reflect on what we have learnt. Slide 2

3 What have I learnt? What do you think / feel that you didn’t think before? What do you know now that you didn’t know before? What are you going to learn more about in the future? Slide 3

4 What have I learnt? Did you find any of the jobs interesting?
Can you describe that job? What sort of people do the job? What do you have to do to get this kind of job? (For example, do you have to go to university?) Slide 4

5 Talking heads What have you learnt?
How will it benefit you in the future? Write your answers in your ‘talking head’. Slide 5

6 What we have learnt There are similarities and differences between everybody. We are all special individuals. Different things contribute to our identity, including our membership of different groups. Hopes and dreams are shared by children of all identities. Slide 6

7 What we have learnt Everybody deserves the same opportunities in life.
Nobody should be limited by their identity when thinking about jobs or education (for example, by race, disability, age, gender or religion). You don’t have to do the same things that your parents or carers did. Slide 7

8 What we have learnt It is not right to stereotype or to discriminate against people because of who they are. There’s no such thing as a job that’s ‘just for boys’ or ‘just for girls’. Race, religion or disability should not stop us from achieving the job we want to do. You have to work hard to get what you want. Slide 8

9 What we have learnt There are thousands of different and exciting jobs out there, lots of which you can see examples of in the local community. Different jobs have different features and these will suit different people. Everybody has different skills and these skills might mean they are really well suited to certain jobs. Slide 9

10 What we have learnt There are different pathways to reaching the various different jobs out there. These include college, university and apprenticeships. There are lots of different reasons for working. Slide 10

11 What we have learnt Sometimes, because of different reasons, some people may choose not to work. Nowadays, many people combine work and caring for children or older relatives and many jobs offer flexible working opportunities to support this. Jobs have changed a lot over history. Slide 11

12 What we have learnt Sometimes people work for reasons other than getting money (for example, working for a charity because they believe in the work the charity is doing, or working to get experience). We should all try to do our best in whatever it is we do. Jobs don‘t have to be for life. Slide 12

13 Job done – school play We’re going to put on a play for the rest of the school about what we’ve learnt about the world of work and education through Equal Choices, Equal Chances. It’s important that our play shows that everybody has the right to the same opportunities in learning and work. Slide 13

14 Job done You’ve done some brilliant work for Equal Choices, Equal Chances. You’ve learnt so much about jobs and futures. Well done! Slide 14

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