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Interrupting Generational Poverty

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1 Interrupting Generational Poverty
Dr. Donna M. Beegle

2 I grew up in a family where no one went past the 8th grade.
We struggled all the time. The lights were shut off. The water was turned off. We were evicted. We had no food. I was made fun of for my clothes and hair. I did not think I was smart. I did not think I could do well in school.

3 I learned from my life in poverty that. No One Cares
I learned from my life in poverty that No One Cares There is no one to help There is no hope I have no power I should not trust

4 Family Loyalty... He's My Brother – Family is all I had and they were hurting too.

5 I Met Jerry at 12--Married at 15—Everyone I knew got married young.
No one I knew had an education.

6 I had no health care– Premature Baby - Jennifer Marie 4lbs--High Infant Mortality

7 I finally found some people to connect me to experiences and resources
Danny – my first healthy baby. Thanks to people at Community Action, Head Start & WIC

8 Poverty Myth #1 I can just work hard and earn a good living
Minimum Wage $8.07 Work 10 Years $2.00 Raise Work 15 Years cent raise High School Diploma Or Less: $17,000 Four Year College Degree: $48,000

9 Myth #1 Busted Two ways to get a living wage job: 1. Get Educated
2. Get Skilled

10 *What you know now, is not all you can know.
Myth #2 I do not do so well with school work. I won't be able to go to college MYTH #2 BUSTED *What you know now, is not all you can know. *When you learn something new, your brain grows more cells and you can learn even more. Colleges and training programs have caring adults to help you. ASK!

11 Myth #3 I don't need help Myth #3 Busted
*Everyone who makes it, has help. *We live in a world where “Its who you know.” That is how people get educated and how they get good jobs.

12 I can't let people know about my struggles
Myth #4 I can't let people know about my struggles Myth #4 Busted *Poverty is Evil. People Are Incredible. *Stereotypes about poverty teach people to feel ashamed and hide their struggles. *People can not help if they do not know.

13 If You Do Not See What Is Good About You, No One Else Will
Everyone has skills and talents—Know Yours What are you proud of? What do you love to do? Try This: Ask teachers, friends, and family to tell you three words they would use to describe you---- You will get a better understanding of how others see you!

14 Two Secrets to Success Secret #1 People really do want to help. They may make mistakes or say the wrong thing, but give them a chance. Secret #2 Others are not better than you. Everyone has things they are good at and things they struggle with. Do your best, don't give up, and you will make it.

15 Most Important Key To Success: Find Mentors
Talk to anyone you can. Ask if they know someone who could mentor you. Seek someone who is knowledgeable and guides you. Tell mentors you would like to learn more about their life and what they do. Ask if they would share some ideas for you. Share what you do that you are proud of with people you meet. You want them to see what your strengths are.

16 Another Key: Know What Motivates You
If you got knocked down and everything was going wrong, what are five reasons you would get up and keep trying? To succeed when something is hard: Be able to answer these questions: I will do this because.... I will not give up because.... I will succeed because..... I can do it because....

17 5 Tips From Someone Who's Been There
1. Believe in your self. 2. Find people who will mentor and help you achieve your dreams. 3. Understand poverty is not your fault. There are real causes of poverty. 4. Take school serious, even when it is difficult. Keep trying for yourself and for those you love. 5. Realize that education gives you power. Power to earn decent money, be treated with respect and yes, even the power to help people you love!

18 Your success affects your family
Your success affects your family. My daughter Jennifer ~ Got to go to France…Twice

19 My sons Dan and Austin do not have to worry about poverty.
Reaching your dreams means reaching out. No one gets educated without help—Surround yourself with people who believe in you!

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