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Getting employability dressed for success NASES Conference July 2014 Charles Hardy Higher Education Evangelist LinkedIn.

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1 Getting employability dressed for success NASES Conference July 2014 Charles Hardy Higher Education Evangelist LinkedIn

2 Today’s agenda  So why LinkedIn?  The 3 Pillars of LinkedIn Success  The Power of Data – the LinkedIn Alumni Tool  The Employer Perspective  So what next...? 2

3 3 I’m eating a #donut I like donuts Here’s a video of me eating a donut Here’s an great photo of my donut This is where I eat donuts Here’s a donut recipe I’m listening to “Donuts” I’m a Google employee who eats donuts

4 4 My skills include donut eating I’m qualified in donut making I work in the donut industry I’m passionate about the future of donuts I’m connected to donut experts Here’s a video / photo / recipe on donuts

5 1M + jobs Some BIG numbers 300M + ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 5 UK professionals 3.5M + active company profiles 150 + industries Executives from every FTSE 100 60K + college and university alumni groups company 39M + students and recent grads 15M + professionals

6 “Facebook for old people!” 6 “Professional = Scary old stuff!” “I have nobody in my network.” “It costs money, right?” “You join LinkedIn when you have a job.” “I have nothing to put in my profile.”

7 Why join LinkedIn? To move the odds in your favour…

8 Help students at every milestone Choosing a Direction  Which universities send students to the top law firms?  What are my career options if I choose this degree?  I didn’t know I could get an internship at IBM!  What companies hire the most marketing graduates? Getting There  Who can give me the inside scoop on this university?  Am I keeping up my skills with students in my field / course?  Who has internships for people like me?  How do I keep in touch with the all the people I’ve met along the way? COLLEGE YEARS Choosing University Faculty Engagement Research Postgraduate study? Alumni Network Success at 1 st Job Internships Finding 1st Job 8

9 Why get your students onto LinkedIn?  Help your students get hired –Search opportunities and be sourced by employers –Sell their capabilities and potential –Network for opportunities –Gather intelligence  Employability – your university’s brand  Tracking – data on graduate destination and career paths  Engagement – with students/alumni now and in future 9

10 10 Coaching students The 3 Pillars of LinkedIn Success Coaching students The 3 Pillars of LinkedIn Success What you know Who you know Who you are LinkedIn tools plus “netiquette”

11 Your Identity Who you are 1. Be FOUND2.Be GREAT 1

12 Your Network – not just for today but for the future Who you know 2

13 13 The Power of the Extended Network

14 Use LinkedIn insights to your advantage What you know 3

15 What you know… Research and intelligence  Industry experts and influencers (via Groups) –Can students join your Alumni Group?  Employer intelligence (via Following Companies)  Culture and role insights (via Employee profiles)  Market intelligence (via Following Influencers & Sectors) 15

16 The Power of Data The LinkedIn Alumni Tool

17 Launch of University Pages on LinkedIn – marrying DATA and BRAND 17

18 Unparalleled graduate destination data 18

19 19 Unparalleled graduate destination data

20 20 Unparalleled graduate destination data

21 21 Unparalleled graduate destination data

22 22 Unparalleled graduate destination data

23 23 Unparalleled graduate destination data

24 The Employer Perspective Attract Source Engage Attract Source Engage

25 FREE JOBS!!! Targeted marketing ATTRACT

26 SOURCE Employers proactively target/source the talent they need using the LinkedIn Recruiter tool  They can search on ANYTHING: – University – Field of Study – Graduation Date – Keywords – Groups 26

27 ENGAGE  Building relationships and brand engagement with the target audience  E.g. –Campus events –Webinars –Groups –Site visits –Internships 27

28 What’s next?

29 What’s next for LinkedIn?  Evolve and improve - enhanced tools and resources for Career Services and Students – With your help  University Pages go Mobile  Exploring Degree Verification partnerships –e.g. HEAR 29

30 What should you do next? 1.Establish how you get your students to use LinkedIn and provide LinkedIn coaching clinics 2.Work with your Faculties, Communications and Alumni Relations representatives to leverage your LinkedIn assets – University Page and Groups 3.Work with Employers to optimise the use of LinkedIn from both sides 30

31 31 Thank you.

32 32

33 The Economic Graph Mapping every global connection between…

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