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Squad Tactics-Attack.

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1 Squad Tactics-Attack

2 Lesson Objectives Following this lesson and completion of
all assignments, Cadets will be able to: Define offensive operations Describe planning considerations of attack operations Describe an attack Compare/contrast the two types of attacks

3 The Attack Frederick the Great I approve of all methods of attacking
provided they are directed at the point where the enemy's army is weakest and where the terrain favors them the least. Frederick the Great

4 Attack Characteristics
An offensive action characterized by movement supported by fire. Through taking the offensive, we gain the initiative, carry the fight to the Enemy, fight in his positions, and seek a decision on our terms

5 Types of Attack Deliberate - Characterized by detailed planning, reconnoitering, coordinating and rehearsals in preparation for the execution. Usually conducted when the enemy is in well prepared defensive positions or a hasty attack is not possible Hasty - upon contact with the enemy the unit decides to conduct an attack. Limited planning coordinating, rapid preparation and execution. The unit reacts immediately to exploit an enemy’s weakness.

6 Attack Maintain the initiative Detailed planning and preparation
Avoid detection Fix the enemy Find or create a weakness Maneuver to exploit the weakness Consolidate and reorganize

7 Limited Visibility Fundamentals
Well-trained squads Natural light sufficient to employ night vision devices A simple concept with sufficient control measures Detailed reconnaissance of objective, routes, passage points, support-by-fire positions, and other key locations

8 Limited Visibility Considerations
Controlling movement of individuals and squads Identifying targets; controlling direct and indirect fires Navigating and moving Identifying friendly and enemy soldiers Locating, treating, and evacuating casualties Locating and bypassing or breaching enemy obstacles

9 Planning Considerations
Troop leading procedures AA procedures Support element Assault element

10 Planning Considerations (2)
Movement to the objective Movement techniques and routes Control measures

11 Planning Considerations (3)
Actions at the line of departure (LD) - PSG counts out Actions on chance contact Security halts ORPs

12 Planning Considerations (4)
Move to assault position - last cover and concealment before OBJ Assaulting the OBJ concentration of fire direct and indirect, shifting of fires

13 Planning Considerations (5)
Consolidate and reorganize Reestablishing command and control Re-mans key weapons, redistributing ammunition and equipment Clearing the objective of casualties and EPWs Special teams Aid and litter EPW team Demo team Assessing and reporting the platoon status of personnel, ammunition, supplies, and essential equipment

14 Security at all times! The officers and men who permit themselves to be surprised deserve to die, and the commanding general will spare no efforts to secure them their desserts. D. H. Hill, 1863

15 Deliberate Attack

16 Deliberate Attack (2)

17 Deliberate Attack (3)

18 Deliberate Attack (4)

19 Deliberate Attack (5)

20 Deliberate Attack vs. Hasty Attack

21 Hasty Attack

22 Hasty Attack (2)

23 Hasty Attack (3) ** Different from deliberate attack

24 Closing Summary Review Objectives Questions???

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