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Football Games Sam. Hand to foot possession game Set up: 30m square, one team of bibs on team without. How to play: Players will start of by throwing.

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Presentation on theme: "Football Games Sam. Hand to foot possession game Set up: 30m square, one team of bibs on team without. How to play: Players will start of by throwing."— Presentation transcript:

1 Football Games Sam

2 Hand to foot possession game Set up: 30m square, one team of bibs on team without. How to play: Players will start of by throwing and catching the ball between each other, the player who catches the ball is not aloud to move, they can only pivot. Players who don’t have the ball can move around to receive a pass. The opposite team without possession can try and intercept the pass but cannot take the ball from the players hands. If ball hits the ground it changes over to the other team. (1 point = successful throws to all team mates.) Progression: The players will then put the ball on the ground and pass the ball around they are only allowed 3 touches. Players to get a point must then pass the ball to all members of their team successfully.

3 Half Pitch Game Set up: Half Pitch, one goal and three coned goals on half way line, one team in bibs one team without. How to play: Players will start as attacking team in bibs who have to work as a team by scoring in the goal, (which will have a goal keeper in) The non bib steam will have to defend the goal but work as a team by dribbling the ball through the two wider cones on the half way line or pass through the middle set of cones on the half way line. (Swap round half way through session equal opportunities.) Progression: The attacking team will then get a set amount of touches (3 touches and defending team will get as many as you want). Also another progression is defending team get 3 touches and attacking team get as many as they want.

4 Play 4v4 Four Goal Game Experience: beginners/intermediate. Set-up: Play 4v4 on a 30-yard square with two goals at each end. The goals should be set a few yards in from each corner of the pitch. How to play: Each team defends the two goals at one end of the pitch and attacks the other two. Coaching points: Watch for attacking players moving to unguarded goals and congratulate them. Similarly, stop play and congratulate defenders who track attackers or cover open goals. Progression: Place a goal on each sideline and allocate each team two goals to attack and two to defend. This may look chaotic to begin with but it improves spatial awareness. Restrict the number of touches each player can have before passing or shooting. For younger players, three touches is appropriate. For older or more experienced players two- touch is good. You can even try restricting them to one- touch.

5 The Bank Game Setup - two teams of 4 or 5 players. Each in a 40 X 40 grid (adjustable). The Game- the coach sends a ball into team 1 grid. The opposing team (TEAM 2) sends 1 players to play as a defender. The 1’s try to make 4 success passes in a row without the defender stealing or kicking ball of the pitch. Each time a team accomplishes this, they can make 100 pounds. Once they make a hundred pounds, they have 2 choices. Go for another hundred pounds or bank the money. To bank the money, they have to send the soccer ball back into the opposing team’s grid and THEY send a defender to try to steal the ball. If the ball goes out of the pitch or is stolen, the coach sends a ball into the others teams grid Progressions- send in more than 1 defender. - make grids smaller To make game easier- make grid larger and add a offensive player

6 Four Cone Shooting Game Setup- Field 25 X 40. Regular sized goals and goalies. Cones at each corner. The Game-The coach serves a ball to either of two far players. The player can then decide either to take a touch and shoot, shoot first time, pass with team mates or dribble. Once there is a shot or ball goes out of play, the players leave the field and switch lines. Coach serves another ball to one of the far corners. Coaching point keep the lines short and have plenty of soccer balls available

7 1 vs 1 Attacking and defending 1 v 1 defending and Attacking: Set up: Make a small area with two goals eve end, split the group into pairs. Ask pairs to find their own pitch. How to play: Once the pairs have found their own pitch, Once they are ready one player passes the ball to the opposite player. They then must try and express their self with tricks and skills to either get the defender of balance or to beat the defender. They must then dribble through the cones at the end to get a point. Once done or the ball leaves the area the game if over the player will then set up again and the other player this time will pass to the opposite side.

8 Area challenge Area Challenge: Set up: St up two squares 30 x 30 Put two defenders in each square with an attacker with a ball on the edge of the first square. How to play: The attacker with the ball must enter box 1 with the defender he must try and beat defender 1 with skills tricks and dribbling. And reach box to 2 once he reaches box two the next defender (2) must try and stop the attacker getting out his box and getting a point. If ball leaves play or the defender tackles the attacker the player I stopped and the attacker goes back to his line. (Swap defender after a bit of time.)

9 Clean the Room Clean the Room: Setup Create a grid that is approximately 15 X 15 yards. You should adjust the size of the grid depending on the size, skill set, and number of players. One player is designated as the person to clean the room. Every player other than the room cleaner needs a ball. How to Play : Start by having the players dribble around in the grid. The coach should release the room cleaner into the grid. The room cleaner's job is to steal the ball from the dribbling players and kick the ball out of the grid. The dribblers must retrieve their balls and attempt to get back into the grid as quickly as possible. The room is "clean" once they have all of the balls out of the grid at one time. The room cleaner should kick the ball out of the grid as far as they can to give them a chance to get all of the players. If a player is struggling to clean their room, release a 2nd room cleaner to assist Progression:- Start with 2 room cleaners (defenders). Make the players do 10 jumping jacks before entering the grid. This will give the defender a bit more time to clear other balls out of the grid.

10 Circle Game Set up: Player make a circle as big as they like. Coach selects to players be defenders. How to Play: The Game will start with one player making a FREE PASS to someone on the outside the circle. Once the player receiving the touches the ball the game begins the two defenders can then press and close down trying to nick the ball or intercept. The players on the outside can’t pass right or left of them and are only allowed 2 touches. Progression: Make the circle smaller. Make it one touch for the players on the outside. Make it all weaker foot for the players on the outside.

11 3 v 2 Defending 3 v 2 Defending: Set up: Make a 30 x 40 rectangle. You will need one goal. One Goal keeper two defenders then a team of attackers. How to play: The goalie will throw a ball to one of three attackers, they must then work as a team and try and score a goal past the keeper. The defending two must try and stop the attackers advancing up the pitch and score a goal. If the two defenders win the ball they can ever clear it of the pitch or pass it back to the coach. Rotate strikers after each go. Rotate defenders after a while + keeper if you want. Progression: Increase the numbers of attacker to 4 v2. Make the attackers all weak foot. Make the attacker two or 1 touch football. Change it so defender can only use one foot then the opposite foot. Make it 1 touch for defenders. Make the pitch smaller (closer to the goal).

12 Turning Game Turning game: Set up: Split the group into 5 separately lines and give each person a ball. How to play: The first person will dribble from his line to the opposite where a line of cones will be once he get there to he will do a turn which the coach has told the group to do. Once the player has completed the skill he will then dribble the ball back to his line and the next person will go once everyone in the group has gone change turn/skill. Progression Simple Turn first: Inside the foot turn. Outside the foot turn. Drag back turn. Advancer turns to do when dribbling with the ball: 360 roulette. One step over. Double Tap. The body faint. And the dummy pass/ shot. Advanced turns to do when dribbling with the ball: Flip flap. Multiple step overs. Cross over drag back. Ronaldo chop sticks. McGeedy spin. Rainbow Flick.

13 Types of Turns. Inside Foot turn (Gruyff Turn) Outside foot turn. Drag Back foot turn. 360 Roulette. Step Over Flip Flap

14 Types of Turns Ronaldo Chop Sticks

15 Beating a man with skill and Finishing. Beating a Man with skill and finishing: Set up: Split the group into two separate lines diagonal to each other, with two goals either end. How to play: The first person will dribble from his line at speed towards the defender who the coach has taken the player must use the skills he has learnt to turn/ get the defender of balanced and score a goal past the keeper. Once the player has taken his shot he will then get his ball and join the back of the opposite line. Progression Make it so it 2-1 defending vs Attacking. Swap the angle over so they have to use their weaker foot more. Defender start closer. Attacking players must run onto a moving ball to start the game.

16 Zone Game Defenders/ Goalkeepers Zone/ Opponents Attackers. Midfield and Opponent Midfielders zones. Attackers/ Opponent Defenders and Goalkeepers Zones Zone Game Set up: Split the group into two separate Teams, with two goals either end. Once done divide the pitch into 3 areas. One area for defender one for midfields and the other for strikers. How to play: 1.Defenders and opposite team strikers are not aloud out there box into the other players boxes. 2.Midfields are only allowed to stay in there boxed Area. 3.Striker and opposite defenders are only allowed in there own boxed area. The team must try and score in the opposite goal by passing through each zone. The game will always start by the goalkeeper at either end rolling the ball to one defender. Simple Match two teams and once time limit is finish the tam with the most goals wins. Progression: Allow one midfielder to go and support the striker in the attack. Allow one midfield to also drop in and help the defence. Allow defenders to join the midfield. And also allow the strikers to come into the midfielders are. Allocate a number of touches. And in game player swap position in zones.

17 Positioning Game Defenders Zone where they can Play Goalkeeper's Zone where they can Play Wide Players Zone where they can Play Centre Midfields Zone where they can Play Strikers Zone where they can Play Positioning Game Set up: Split the group into two separate Teams, with two goals either end. Once this is done set up 4 Different zones on the pitch, make the two wider Areas the length of the pitch but small on width but the same colour cones. Once done make One set half of the pitch one set of colour cones and the other side a different colour of cones. How to play: The coach will assign Players individual positions. 1. Goalkeeper can only stay in there boxes. 2. defenders can only stay behind the half way line but are allowed in the wide players areas if the balls in there half. (Individual defending sides) 3. The wider Players must stay in there areas, but are allowed in both sides of the pitch. 4. The centre Midfielder is allowed in all areas of the Pitch. 5. The attacker must stay in the opponents side of the pitch but is allowed in the wider areas of the opponents side. Simple Match two teams and once time limit is finish the tam with the most goals wins. Progression: Allow One defender to go into the Attacking Areas. Allow the wider Players to go anywhere once the balls in the opposite half. But once the ball leaves that are they must get wide again. Allow defenders to dribble out of there are but make Centre Midfielder site to cover. Allocate a number of touches on the ball.

18 Floter Game Floter Game: Set Up: Coach divides the groups into two teams and nominates a player from each team to be a floter. Mark out a square/ are reasonable size for your group. How to Play: The coach will role the ball into the are the teams must successfully make 6 passes to all their team mates and an extra one to any of the floter to get a point. (The floters role is not to tackle but to also be involved in play they can pass the ball to both teams but who ever passes them the ball the floter can only give the ball back to that team. Progression: Reduce the game to a set number of touches 2,3. Change the shape of the area during play. Make it so their only one floter. Make the teams more one side so more players on one team. Use weaker foot.

19 Keep Ball Break and shoot game. Break and Shoot Game. Set Up: Coach divides the groups into two teams and two goalkeepers. He then set up an area and two goals outside the area. One ball. How to Play: The coach will role the ball into the are the teams must successfully make 5passes to all their team mate. Once Completed the player who received the 5 th pass can then decided if he want to break or pass again. (If the player choses break he can chose any goal he wishes two attack but only he can attack the goal none of his team mates.) (The defending team once the attacking player has decided to attack the goal the whole defending team can stop the attacker but as soon as he leaves the area only two defender can leave the are to stop him from scoring.) Progression: Reduce the game to a set number of touches 2,3. Change the shape of the area during play. Make the teams more one side so more players on one team. Use weaker foot. Make more attackers go on attacker to score. + Increase the number of defenders. Reduce the Number of defenders = 1 Vs1.

20 Crossing Game Crossing Game: Set Up: Using half the pitch the coach splits the group into four line to wider lines and two lines in middle of the pitch. One goalkeeper in the goal. Multiple Balls. How to Play: First two player in the middle line do a one-two pass to each other who ever get the ball last must knock a pass diagonally to the corner where the players on the wider lines will be running to. Once the wider player receives the ball they must cross the ball for the two centre line players attacking the box. Progression: Add two defender to mark and defend the goal. Add an extra attacker in the middle. Allow both wide player to attack so depending on what side the other wide player has to attack the far post. And three defender into the box to defend the goal. Make a defender put pressure on the crosser out wide. Add two more player to defend/ mark the attacking middle two and to stop their runs into the box. Add a time limit to score.

21 Number Game Set up: The coach divides the group up into two separate teams. The coach will then give each player in the team a number 1- 7. There is on goal and one ball and one goal keeper. How to play: When the coach shouts out a number the players must run out and around a cone before running to the ball and trying to score. The player who’s faster to the ball becomes the attacker, and the slower player becomes the defender. If the defender tackles the attacker the game switches over (attacker becomes defender the defender becomes attacker) the player who scorers win, draw if shot goes wide or keepers saves the shot. Progression: Make the players from each line face the goal shoulder to shoulder, the coach will throw the ball either by the sides of them or other the players head. (Players relying on reactions) Place one player with the ball facing the goal, and the other player back to the goal with his legs open. Player facing the goal starts the game by rolling the ball through the legs off the other player. (Relying on reactions and speed/ as well as body balance.) Make the players sit on their bums or lay down then they have to react and run around the cones.

22 Guard The Castle Guard the castle Set up: Coach divides the teams into two separates team in a boxed area. He used one pall and places another ball in the middles of the area on a cone and surrounded by a cone. How to play: The players must try as a team passing and moving to avoid losing the ball. Both teams’ aims are to knock the ball of the cones in the middle to achieve a point. The players must not stand around or next to the ball in the middle. Progression: Remove the ball in the middle and put a goal (continues game of football if you score you keep on playing, and can score from any side of the goal.) Limited number of touches to 2-3. Move the ball out the middle but put two in opposite corners and players can knock either ball off.

23 Time Challenge Set up: Coach splits the groups into separate groups of 3. He then assigns them into individual squares with one ball. How to play: Between the threes players decided who going to be the attacking player and the other whilst the other two will be defenders. On go the coach will time each attacker in the area how long they can keep the ball away from the two defenders. The game stops when they defenders tackle or knock the attacking players ball out of the area. Players then swap other. Progression: Add another attacker so it’s a 2 vs 2. Increase the ratio of defender to one attacker e.g. 3 vs 1, 4 vs 1.

24 Volley Challenge Set up: All players have a ball and line up single file behind each other on the edge of the box. How to play: Players will throw or chip the ball into the coaches hand he will then throw the ball into the air. The players must keep their eye on the ball to volley it towards the goal. Progression: Two player out wide crossing the ball = heading / volleying Player throwing the ball up for each other.

25 Through the Gates Set up: Coach set up and area and divides the group into two teams and places allowed of gates around the area. How to play: Players must work as a team and make a successful pass through the gates spread around the area 1 gates = 1 point. Progression: Remove the amount of gates. Add a set amount of touches e.g. 2-3 touches. Use weaker foot only.

26 Pass and Move Game Pass and Move game Set up: All players make a circle and one player starts in the middle. One ball. How to play: Players on the outside will start he will pass the ball to the player in the circle who will then control the ball and pass to the player next to the player who started. He will then follow his pass and join the circle. Whilst the player he just passed to dribbles the ball put of the circle and passes to the next person. Progression:


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