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Wide Cones Start in the corner and go wide around each cone. Shoot on goalie between the last two cones. Diagonal Cones Start in the corner and go around.

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1 Wide Cones Start in the corner and go wide around each cone. Shoot on goalie between the last two cones. Diagonal Cones Start in the corner and go around each cone. Shoot on goalie after the last cone.

2 Bank Passing Start in the corner and as you get to each cone bank the puck off the boards. Shoot on goalie after the last cone. Alternate sides to work forehand and backhand. Heads Up Start in the corner and go wide around the first two cones. Coach stands on blue star and points which direction to go from center rink. Shoot on goalie after going around last cone.

3 Rebounds Player skates in without puck. Coach passes out to simulate rebound and player shoots. Alternately player could dump it in. Dizzy Passing Players skate in a large circle and pass to each other while moving.

4 Loop the Loop Player skates completely around each cone and shoots on goalie. Alternate direction around cones. Through the Cones Two players skate down rink and pass to each other between each of the cones. One player shoots the other gets the rebound. Alternate which side players are on to work on forehand and backhand passes.

5 Double Pass Player passes to first man; and skates around first man; first man passes to second man as player skates; second man passes to player as he heads towards net. Triple Pass Same as above but add a third man to pass to.

6 Give-n-Go Player passes to first man; and continues skating; gets pass and then passes to second man; gets pass and takes shot on goalie. Keep Away Four players attempt to keep the puck away from the middle man. Middle man is replaced if he intercepts someone's pass or if someone makes a bad pass and it goes out of square.

7 Drop-Pass Two players skate towards goalie. Make one pass prior to center rink then a drop pass at center rink. Could also use a defense after/before drop is made to create a 2 on 1. Back and Forth Players skate from one end to the other. Each time the whistle is blown they alternate directions. Can do skating forward or backwards or combine the two.

8 Around the Boards Pass around the boards. Player receives pass skates down rink (or passes back to breaking player) to shoot on goalie. Could also skate around cones as going towards goalie Speed Passing Players stand in a circle and get one minute to see how many passes they can make.

9 Goalies Nightmare Players, 2 or 3 at a time, skate between the cones as shown. They shoot at the goalie, from the cones, when ready, preferably near the same time to make the goalie react quickly. Tough Turns Go around each cone. Shoot on goalie after the last cone.

10 Puck Retrieval Helps players learn how to go into the corner, retrieve and gain control of the puck and move out. Place obstacles, cones or pylons, in the corner and have players line up near the red line. Drop a puck into the corner. Player will skate into the corner, gain control of the puck, maneuver around the obstacles, out of the corner and shoot. Players will gain experience in getting the puck in tight situations and they will also utilize various skating skills.

11 Shut Down the Wings Speed Demon
This drill will help your goaltender work on shots from the wing. Use two forwards out wide on each side of the rink. Each player will alternate skating in and taking a shot on goal. The goalie must skate from side to side in the crease to stop the shots. This will help him learn how to react quickly and develop agility in the goal. Depending on individual skill levels, you can keep score, with saves worth a point and goals worth two. Speed Demon To practice maintaining the puck at very high speed, try this figure-8 to work on control, endurance and shot accuracy. Set up pylons in each of the face-off areas. As the whistle blows, the first player follows the diagrammed path around the pylon, behind the net, around the last pylon and shoots. As the skater passes behind the net the next player begins.

12 Take Away Assist from the corner
Place an offensive player in the corner with the puck. Have a defensive player in the nearest face-off circle. On your whistle, the defender will skate into the corner. The drill is concluded when either the defense gains control of the puck or the offensive player takes a shot. Alternately, have a second forward skate from the far end…he is in the play once he makes it to the zone. This will force the defense to watch behind their back. Assist from the corner Have one player start near the boards at center and the second player in the corner. The first player will start by passing to the player in the corner and then break for the net. The player in the corner, upon receiving the pass, will pass back to the breaking player who then shoots on goal. Rotate the players out with the shooter going to the corner and the passer to the end of the line. You can vary the drill by requiring the shooter to execute a certain type of shot like a backhand, stopping for a one-timer, or skating around a cone or pylon.

13 1 5 2 4 3 6 Cross Crease Passing Fire at Random
This drill will help your goaltender learn how to move with the puck while responding to play in front of the net, as well as behind it. Position two players out at the top of the face-off circles and have them pass the puck. The goalie should move back and forth with the puck. He or she should play out high to cut down the angle of the potential shooter. After a minimum of four passes they can shoot. Also practice this drill with two players behind the net or two behind and one out front. The goaltender should be positioned deep in the crease to protect both goal posts. Fire at Random This drill is intended to warm up the goaltender. A residual benefit is that it teaches the shooters to have a quick trigger. Put the netminder in goal and the shooters out in front at varying distances and spread out. Assign numbers, 1 through however many players there are, but line them up in random order. The goalie is not to know the assigned numbers. The shooters will fire shots on goal in succession according to their number. This drill requires the goaltender to react quickly to shots without first knowing who's shooting 1 5 2 4 3 6

14 1 Minute Drill Line Up Players on opposite sides of rink. Pass as fast as they can for one minute. The two that pass the most wins. Rotate players; repeat. Forced position A variation on normal scrimmage…defense must stay on one side of red-line and forwards on the other. From there play a scrimmage. This will force players to stay in position and not rely on help from others.

15 Tight Turns This drill works on tight turns, balance, and speed in turns. Players skate pattern as in diagram. Coach chips puck ahead and players race for it. First player to puck attacks net, second player backchecks. Alternately the second player could get the rebound. The Race Requires balance, good foot speed, keeping body in control. Players skate pattern (backwards or forwards), coach chips puck ahead and players race for it. First player to puck attacks net, second player backchecks. Alternately the second player could get the rebound.

16 Three Player Competition
Drill starts on whistle -- three players from each team pick up one puck in neutral zone and try to score. All three players must touch the puck before shot. All three players must score. Drill ends with three players crossing center ice. Team with the quickest time wins. Could also use two players and ensure each touches puck twice. Shooting Drill Split players into two groups. Players skate to goal line and back, one at a time, pick up loose puck and score on empty net (shooting from red line or other predetermined distance. If they miss the net, they must repeat. First team to finish wins.

17 Back-Checking Two players are in front of the net with a puck. The back-checker is behind the net. On the coach’s whistle the two players move down the rink to score while the back-checker tries to stop them. Goalie Passing Forwards skate down side; pass to goalie prior to redline; goalie gains control and passes back. Forward skates to opposite net to shoot. Could also make it a one on one after getting pass.

18 Long and Short Goalie must make save on long shot and quickly adjust to a pass from behind the net for a second shot. Player skates out of corner around pylon and shoots; get pass from behind net and take close in shot. Torture Drill Players skate pattern as shown and pick up puck at center ice. Shoot on goalie when in zone. May add defense if desired.

19 Passing Players skate as shown to develop passing skills. Ensure player does not go off sides as he approaches the blue line. Figure 8s Players skate around circles as shown working on crossovers. Can do skating forward or backwards. Shoot when in the slot.

20 Pivoting Skate forward to first cone; pivot to backwards skating; pivot to forward skating at second cone; pivot to backwards at third cone; pivot to forwards; grab a puck and shoot on goalie. Two Shots Shoot on goalie, get rebound if possible, skate around net grab a puck and shoot on goalie again.

21 Forward/Backward Drill
Hook Player in one of the corners passes out to player at blue line and busts around the net hooking to the front corner slot area. Player at blue line brings in the puck and passes to player in slot who shoots. Players then trade lines. Alternately let your players double back behind the net and come out the opposite side to keep your goalie on their toes. Forward/Backward Drill Skate around circle as shown. This works crossovers. To add difficulty have player always face the same direction so they are forced to skate Forward then transition to Backwards on the same circle.

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