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Describing Appearance

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1 Describing Appearance

2 Age I am … / He is … /She is … an elderly man young middle-aged

3 Appearance I am … / He is … /She is … cute ugly beautiful attractive

4 Height I am … / He is … /She is … short of medium height tall

5 Build thin slim chubby (fat) I am … / He is … /She is …
of average build thin slim chubby (fat) muscular

6 Skin Colour I have … / She has … / He has … dark skin white skin
tanned skin

7 Face I have an/a ____ face. She /He has a/an ____ face.
square/squarish long oval round

8 Face I have … on my face. freckles moles pimples scar(s)

9 Face I have got … / I haven’t got … a beard a moustache

10 Face glasses I wear glasses. / I don’t wear glasses.
He wears glasses. / She doesn’t wear glasses. glasses

11 Eyes I have … small black eyes big blue eyes eyelashes

12 Eyebrows I have … thin eyebrows thick eyebrows bushy eyebrows

13 Nose I have a … big nose small nose long nose hooked nose

14 Lips I have… full lips thin lips sexy lips

15 medium length straight hair
fringe I have … medium length straight hair long curly hair spiky hair short straight hair

16 Hair I wear my hair in … a ponytail plaits a bun I am bald.

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