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While There’s Life, There’s Hope Vocabulary practice.

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1 While There’s Life, There’s Hope Vocabulary practice

2 Engagement

3 Wedding

4 Moving house

5 Having a baby

6 Baptising

7 Retirement

8 First day at school

9 Leaving school

10 Graduation

11 Loosing a job

12 Divorce

13 Personal injury or illness

14 Death in the family

15 Funeral

16 A Dream Come True an inaudible sound to transmitte through a wire to work in the fields of speech, anatomy, electricity & telegraphy to be involved in a deaf mute to achieve amazing results fatal disease white plague to move to an invention to allow a workshop to resume experiments to loose hearing to run out of = to become short of to register an invention with the patent office an improvement in telegraphy

17 Alexander Graham Bell Early Life Professional Life Telephone How has his invention changed our lives?

18 Age young in his teens middle-aged elderly in his/her 30’s in his/her late teens in his/her mid-20’s in his/her 40’s around 25

19 Height 5’7” (5 foot 7) *170cm 1m 70cm About 165cm tall Medium height Average height Tall Short

20 Build Thin Skinny Slim Slender Medium-build Of average build Well-build Obese Overweight Plump Broad-shouldered Muscular Leggy Lovely figure

21 Hair Colour Black Brown/chestnut Red/ ginger A redhead Redheaded Reddish brown hair Blonde Fair Grey White Dyed Dark Light Golden His hair is beginning to go grey.

22 Hair Style Long Short Shoulder-length Straight Wavy/Curly Thick Luxuriant Parted on the left Fringe Neat Windblown With braids/ dreadlocks Pulled back Pony-tail Bald Balding/Thinning Coloured/dyed Cropped spiky frizzy

23 Face Thin Long Round Oval Square Fleshy Tanned Clean-shaven Wrinkled Plain

24 Cheeks Plump /chubby Hollow Pale Rosy Unshaven Rouged High cheekbones High forehead

25 Eyebrows/eyelashes Long eyelashes Thick eyelashes/brows Thin eyelashes/brows Bushy eyelashes/brows arched eyelashes

26 Eyes Blue Grey Brown Hazel Emerald Brilliant Beautiful Big Close-set Wide-set Deep-set Almond-shaped bulging

27 Nose Long nose Straight Small Hooked Broken Flat Turned-up Button Pointed Snub Bulbous

28 Mouth/ Lips Lips Thin Full Rosy Mouth Firm Wide Big Small Vivid Sensual White even teeth Lovely broad smile

29 Chin A cleft A pointed Double square jaw

30 Emotions

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