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Unit 1b Vocabulary practice

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1 Unit 1b Vocabulary practice
character (n) the qualities that make up someone’s personality  appearance (n) the way a person or thing looks to other people

2 Character aggressive ambitious arrogant bossy careful/careless
caring/uncaring considerate/inconsiderate easy-going good/bad-tempered friendly/unfriendly greedy hard-working honest/dishonest sensitive/insensitive sociable/unsociable outgoing mature/immature reliable/unreliable moody organised/disorganised optimistic/pessimistic patient/impatient

3 Appearance Body: He's slim. She's quite tall. He's of medium build.
He's well-built. He's rather plump (= not slim). He's broad-shouldered. He's quite muscular. He's a bit overweight. (→ He's fat.) She's quite tall. She's of medium height. She's a woman of average height. She's a woman of below average height. She's not very tall. (→ She's short.)

4 Hair: She's got long blonde curly hair. She's got red wavy hair.
She's got short straight hair. She's got dark spiky hair. She's got shoulder-length hair. He's got a receding hairline. → He's going bald. → He's bald (= he's got no hair).

5 Complexion: Eyes: He's dark (= with dark hair and dark skin).
He's fair (= with blond hair and pale skin) (Also suntanned, pale-skinned.) Eyes: She's got big brown eyes. small blue (Also almond-shaped, hazel, etc) She's got long eyelashes. bushy/thick/thin eyebrows.

6 Nose: She’s got broad/flat/sharp/button/ crooked/long/straight nose. Face: She's got round/oval/square face. He’s got a pretty/handsome/beautiful face.

7 Other features: Age: He has a moustache / a beard / a goatee.
(A mole, a scar, side-burns, freckles, etc) She wears glasses. Age: He's in his early forties. (→ Probably between 40 and 43) (also in his mid sixties, in his late twenties.)

8 การถามและตอบ Character Appearance A: What is your friend like?
B: She's quite extrovert, but a bit too talkative. Appearance A: What does your friend look like? B: She's tall and quite slim, with short blonde curly hair and blue eyes.

9 Answer Key (Ex. 1b)

10 Answer Key (Ex. 1c)

11 Answer Key (Ex. 2)

12 Answer Key (Ex. 4)

13 Answer Key (Ex. 5)

14 Answer Key (Ex. 6)

15 Answer Key (Ex. 7)

16 Suggested Answer Key (Writing)

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