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Yr 12 OCR Nationals – LEVEL 3 Unit 2 – Pointers for success!

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1 Yr 12 OCR Nationals – LEVEL 3 Unit 2 – Pointers for success!

2 AO1 Surviving…

3 Surviving AO1… For Every Grade… Evidence of your discussions – agenda, minutes, notes from each meeting Mindmaps! DEADLINES Success criteria – MEASURABLE ONES!!!

4 Surviving AO1… For Merit/Distinction PLANNING documents – frequently updated Gantt charts for whole project, some planning evidence of YOUR section Evidence of how you contributed to the discussions to help the group achieve the best outcomes – who did what??? Success criteria with commentary of how you will test to check you achieved them

5 AO2 Surviving…

6 Surviving AO2… For Every Grade… Minimum 4 methods of collaborative working Examples! Evidence of YOU USING THESE METHODS Minimum 3 methods to share information Examples Evidence of YOU USING THESE METHODS

7 Surviving AO2… For Merit/Distinction 5 (6) communication methods (including examples) with some commentary on how useful they are 4(5) collaborative working methods (including examples) with commentary on how effective they are

8 AO3 Surviving…

9 Surviving AO3… For Every Grade… Evidence of using a minimum of 2 different search engine types, giving at least one example of each Evidence of using at least 2 techniques, explaining how these are best used Evidence of using the identified techniques on the identified search engines, showing which is the best technique for each search engine, and which is the best combo overall…

10 Surviving AO3… For Every Grade… RATE THE SEARCH RESULTS ON THE QUALITY NOT THE NUMBER! 500000 results are pointless if they are all irrelevant: 100 relevant results are better!

11 Surviving AO3… For Merit/Distinction 3 (4) different search engines 3 (5) different techniques

12 AO4 Surviving…

13 Surviving AO4… For Every Grade… Identify what you need to find out Use at least 1 non-ICT resource List your source and evaluate it’s reliability and suitability Create a copyright table to ensure you don’t miss anyone out Evidence of creating bookmarks/favourites

14 Surviving AO4… For Merit/Distinction 2 non-ICT resources Search using effective methods (Boolean, keywords…) Store favourites in folders Explain the implications of copyright rules on your use of the sources you chose

15 AO5 Surviving…

16 Surviving AO5… For Every Grade… Create the pullout! Check no spelling/factual/grammatical errors Presentation must follow agreed house style Minimum 3 different sources (min. 1 non ICT) Confirm using bibliography that you used the right number & type of resources Downloaded graphics AND text

17 Surviving AO5… For Merit/Distinction Minimum 4 (5) sources (2 non-ICT) Captions/cross-references as well as a DETAILED bibliography ‘Near-professional quality’

18 AO6 Surviving…

19 Surviving AO6… For Every Grade… Show how you used the sharing info and collaborative working tools to produce your pullout Show how you each reviewed each other’s work – LEGIBLE screenshots of your reviewing their work; them reviewing yours Evidence of different drafts The Final Product

20 Surviving AO6… For Merit/Distinction Version numbers Explain how you reacted to the feedback given Tracked changes AND comments in Word versions of pullout sections ‘Near professional standard’ 2 versions – reviewed and final

21 AO7 Surviving…

22 Surviving AO7… For Every Grade… Comment on the search engines, techniques and resources used: How useful? How effective? How trustworthy?... Compare Internet and non-Internet resources Comment on suitability of The Final Product Comment on tools used, explaining how you would change the way you worked for the next collaborative project Comment on how you worked in the group, how others worked in the group, how the group as a whole operated

23 Surviving AO6… For Merit/Distinction Comments include detailed examples! Evaluate the quality of the information you found Evaluate the suitability of the final product Evaluate the tools used – and comment on changes you will make for the next project. Review (Evaluate) the effectiveness of your work, that of your group members and of the group as a whole

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