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STORM SAFETY In Honor of Severe Storm Awareness Week.

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1 STORM SAFETY In Honor of Severe Storm Awareness Week

2 Tornado Safety  Look for approaching Storms which: –May include a dark greenish tint –Contain large hail –Produce a loud roaring noise of rushing wind  Monitor NOAA weather radio for the latest updates





7 Tornado Safety Cont’d  Indoors –Go to pre-designated shelter area –Basement, cellar, lowest area of building  No basement –Closet, away from corners or windows –Put as many walls between you and the outside as possible –Get under a sturdy table and protect your neck –Do not open windows

8 Tornado Safety Cont’d  In a vehicle –Drive away from danger –Move at a right angle from the direction of a tornado –Find a big ditch to get in if you can’t get away from danger and cover your head –Do not get under an overpass or bridge, it’s safer in low lying areas –Be aware of flooding

9 Tornado Safety Cont’d  In a trailer or mobile home –Get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy, nearby building or a storm shelter. –Mobile homes offer very little protection against tornadoes  DUCK –Down to the lowest level –Under something sturdy –Cover your head –Keep in shelter until the storm passes

10 Lightning  25 million flashes of lightning every year in the united states  On average 62 people a year are killed by lightning in U.S. (ties tornado deaths)  It is an underrated killer because it causes little damage unlike tornadoes




14 Lightning Safety  Watch for developing thunderstorms  Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles  If you can hear thunder you are within striking distance  Most injuries occur in the summer  Stay off corded phones and other corded equipment

15 Lightning Safety Cont’d  Helping a Lightning Strike Victim –Call 911 immediately –Do CPR if necessary –You are in no danger in helping a lightning victim  Lightning is Dangerous –Use common sense –Get inside –Stay out from under anything outside  Anything sticking up in the air can act like a lightning rod

16 Flood Safety  Floods and Flash Floods kill more people every year than any other weather phenomenon –Mainly because people underestimate flooding  As little as 6 inches of moving water can sweep a person off their feet  18 – 24 inches of water can carry a car away  If you see a road barrier, turn around  60% of all flood deaths occur from people trying to drive into blocked areas




20 Helpful Flood Tips  Monitor NOAA weather radio or local news channels when it’s raining heavy  Get to higher ground if it’s flooding nearby  Do not attempt to cross flowing streams  If your vehicle gets caught in flooding water leave it and seek higher ground  Look for flotation devices to keep handy  Don’t go out driving unless it’s an emergency

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