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Getting Storm Ready Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornadoes and Floods.

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2 Getting Storm Ready Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornadoes and Floods

3 Get a Kit  Water – three gallons per person  Non-perishable food  Flashlights & extra batteries  Manual can opener  First aid kit  Extra clothes & blankets  Battery-powered radios  Mess kits with plates, utensils, paper towels & stuff If the power goes out for several days – you’ll need: Don’t forget your pets!  Food & water  Sturdy leashes & carriers  Photos of you with your pets  Medication & vet info

4 Listen –It’s like a smoke detector for severe weather & hazardous conditions –It will tell you all about severe weather when it is on the way –It will sound a loud tone to get your attention or wake you up so you can get to safety –Make sure you keep plenty of extra batteries

5 Make a Plan Escape! –Find 2 ways to get out of every room –Have an escape ladder for upstairs rooms –Have a place to meet outside Practice!

6 Make a Plan If there were an emergency and you were not together in the same place... How would you get touch with each other? Where would you meet? How would you remain in contact? What would you do if you were at school? What would you do about your pets?

7 Thunderstorms When thunder ROARS go indoors!

8 Don’t Wait!

9 Thunderstorms –Find shelter in a building or car (NOT a convertible) –Go to a low-lying place away from trees, poles or metal objects –Boating or swimming – get to land & shelter right away –In the woods – find a low spot under the shorter trees If you’re outdoors

10 Lightning! If your hair stands on end – make yourself small –Don’t lie flat on the ground –Squat low to the ground –Bend your head between your knees

11 Lightning! –Don’t touch appliances or use the phone –Don’t turn on any water faucets –Turn off the air conditioner –Close the curtains, blinds or shades If you’re indoors

12 Tornadoes May occur in trailing edge of thunderstorm –Quite visible –Sunlit skies behind Could be embedded in rain –Not visible

13 Tornado Clues Dark, often greenish sky Wall cloud Large hail Cloud of debris Funnel cloud Roaring noise

14 Tornado Terms Tornado WATCH – tornado is possible –LISTEN to radio –Keep an eye on the sky Tornado WARNING – a tornado has been spotted –Take shelter IMMEDIATELY

15 Tornado Shelter If you are in a vehicle, trailer or mobile home GET OUT and go to a solid structure

16 Tornado Shelter BasementCenter of an interior room on the lowest floor –Closet or interior hallway –Away from corners, windows, doors & outside walls –Put as many walls as possible between you & the outside –Get under a sturdy table & use your arms to protect your head –Do not open windows

17 Tornado Shelter If you’re outside with no shelter –Lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands –Do not get under an overpass or bridge –Never try to outrun a tornado –Watch out for flying debris

18 Floods Flood –An overflow of water into a normally dry area from an established watercourse such as a river, stream, drainage ditch or pond How do you know if a flood is coming? –NOTICE – if it’s been raining for several hours or days –LISTEN – to weather radio, regular radio or TV

19 Floods Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the US – and most people killed in floods drown in moving water –Just six inches of moving water can make you fall down –Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most cars and make them lose control or stall

20 Turn Around! –One foot of water will float most cars –Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including SUVs & pick-up trucks –Obey all official signs & barricades –Don’t play or swim in flood water

21 Stay Safe

22 The End! For more information about “Getting Storm Ready” – visit our Ready Wisconsin web site Thank you for being such a GREAT bunch of listeners!

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