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2 What are Luminarias?

3 A way to bring a festive atmosphere to a driveway or walkway by adding a splash of light. Create delight as they flicker in the cold winter nights.

4 Why sell Luminarias? Add a festive environment to any home, business or church during the holiday season Create a sense of community by adapting this age old tradition in Oswego Raise funds to defer costs for your Spring Break trip to New York City

5 Who could buy Luminarias? Family Neighbors Friends Anyone with a walkway, driveway or sidewalk

6 What comes in the kit? Each set includes: – Seven white paper bags – Seven votive candles, 10 hour burn time – Bag of pulverized concrete or sand to support the bag and candle Each set costs $5.00

7 How to sell Luminarias Prepare yourself – Wear school colors – Introduce yourself to the homeowner – State your purpose – Be confident

8 How to sell Luminarias Understand where they could be displayed – Walkways – Driveways – Sidewalks

9 How to sell Luminarias Determine how many are needed – Two sets will light the average walkway – Three sets will light your property sidewalk – Four sets will light an average driveway You can also figure one is needed every three feet you want to illuminate

10 How to sell Luminarias Ask how many sets they would like Collect payment at time of order – Fill out the order form – Collect check, payable to “OHS Choir” – Hand the customer a receipt ALWAYS thank the homeowner for their time and/or order

11 How to sell Luminarias Order Form – FrontOrder Form - Back

12 How to sell Luminarias Customer Receipt

13 What are the dates? Sale runs from November 1 st thru 15 th All order forms must be turned in to Mr. Tieri by November 15 th

14 How do I participate? Start selling luminarias tonight Make the most of your weekends, you only have two Volunteer at Christmas Walk Assist with kit assembly and order pick ups

15 How can I volunteer? All volunteers will be coordinated through Ginny Wright. Sign up to volunteer by contacting Ginny Wright at: Many volunteers are needed for our success!

16 What can I earn? Earn $3.00 per set sold Earn a share of Christmas Walk proceeds by: – volunteering at the Christmas Walk sale Dec. 7th – Assembling kits for pick up (bagging sand) – Assist with order pick up

17 When will they be ready? Pick up at Oswego High School is scheduled for the following days and times: Friday, December 7 th, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Saturday, December 8 th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Saturday, December 15 th, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Sunday, December 16 th, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

18 SPECIAL THANKS THANK YOU MARLENE GRAVIS! Order form and receipt layout and design

19 What did I forget? QUESTIONS?

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