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Simplifying Fundraising schools clubs churches civic groups the [magazine] gift

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1 Simplifying Fundraising schools clubs churches civic groups the [magazine] gift

2 Easy Cash – Instant Gratification The Magazine Gift Card makes it easy! No brochures or catalogs, no order forms, no paperwork, no deliveries Sign up today - start raising money tomorrow! Start raising cash immediately for your club or organization. the [magazine] gift

3 For years, schools, clubs and other organizations have used magazine drives as a way to raise money. While the benefits are well known,the coordination and organization could be a headache. There are always brochures and catalogs to carry around, order forms to be carefully filled out, (and penmanship counts, or the magazine may never get delivered), as well as payments to balance, keep track of and turn in. the [magazine] gift

4 Sometimes customers take hours to decide on which magazine they want to receive or give as a gift, and then they worry and wonder if they’ll get what they ordered, because after they pay your volunteer, all they’re left with is a receipt. See how The Magazine Gift Card changes all this the [magazine] gift

5 No minimums and no inventory. No deliveries and no waiting for the product. No product concerns with these well known brands. Products of interest to everyone the [magazine] gift

6 The Better Way to Raise Money. America Reads! In fact, eight out of 10 households purchase magazines each year. Whatever their interest, the Magazine Gift Card offers something for everyone to make meeting your fundraising goals easy! the [magazine] gift

7 The way our program works is simplicity itself! The organization orders cards in lots of 100 with a face value of $20 each to begin the drive. As the cards are sold, purchasers take delivery of their cards right away and can redeem the cards immediately. The organization keeps 40% of all the funds raised and only pays for the cards after they are sold! the [magazine] gift

8 There is no easier way to meet your fundraising goals the [magazine] gift

9 INSTANT GRATIFICATION When a volunteer approaches a customer, they actually have the product with them—the gift card itself. What they are offering to the public is a card that sells for $20 and entitles the bearer to pick from any of about 375 popular titles by going online (or calling toll free) and making their choice.. They can choose their magazine as soon as they purchase or take as long as they want to go online and activate the card — the Magazine Gift Card never expire. Also, instead of asking your members to be sure the address is filled in correctly, the customer actually fills out their address themselves, so there can be no errors that fall back on you. the [magazine] gift

10 INSTANT CASH If a rep takes ten cards to sell (each card is the size of a credit card), they can often sell all of them in an afternoon, and you have immediate access to your share: $80 that goes right to your bottom line. Start out with 100 cards. Chances are you’ll sell them out in just a few days and we can always provide you with more. However, if your group doesn’t get it done, there’s no problem – you can return all the unsold cards and owe nothing. Want customization? For a modest charge we can create custom cards with your logo and colors of your choice! the [magazine] gift

11 TOP TITLES! Oprah magazine. Newsweek Taste of Home Good Housekeeping Motor Trend over 375 to choose from! See the complete list onlineonline the [magazine] gift

12 HOW THIS WORKS! SIGN UP! Within days of being accepted into the program, you will receive at least 100 gift cards and have access to customized sales aids online. the [magazine] gift

13 HOW THIS WORKS! START SELLING Turn you reps loose! Everyone loves magazines and everyone loves the convenience of gift cards. Chances are you’ll be calling for more gift cards within just a few days the [magazine] gift

14 HOW THIS WORKS! IMMEDIATE RESULTS… FOR EVERYONE! You’ll start seeing cash as soon as your reps start selling, and your supporters will get their product right away and can order their magazines immediately! the [magazine] gift

15 HOW THIS WORKS! Four ways to generate sales: 1.Traditional - Reps talk to friends and neighbors in their community, man a table at local grocery stores, knock on doors if appropriate 2.Bulk sales - Cards sold to local businesses generated by tele-contact campaign TMGC runs for the organization, if desired the [magazine] gift

16 HOW THIS WORKS! Four ways to generate sales: 3.Web Sales - Each participating organization can direct supporters to a custom web page to purchase electronic gift cards using PayPal, credit or debit cards 4.Social Media – TMGC can help organization leverage it’s Face Book or Twitter presence to drive sales the [magazine] gift


18 Contact us today to get started! 650 Peter Jefferson Parkway Suite 190 Charlottesville, VA 22911 434-817-1800, ext 218 the [magazine] gift

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