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Lesson 10 Day 1 You will need paper, pencil, and your book.

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1 Lesson 10 Day 1 You will need paper, pencil, and your book.

2 Question of the Day How can people and animals help one another? Animals can help people by_______________. People can help animals by _______________.

3 Read Aloud T138 Transparency 45

4 Compound Words A compound word is made up of two smaller words. These are compound words sundial sun + dial = sundial hourglass hour + glass = hourglass Not all word combinations make compound words. door + hat = doorhat, hat + door = hatdoor Compound words must be made of two or more words that make sense together.

5 Compound Words (cont.) Compound words are made up of two or more complete words. Words with endings are not always compound words. Which one of these words is a compound word? fishhookfishing fish + hook = fishhook fish + ing = fishing Fishing is not a compound word.

6 Compound Words (cont.) Make as many compound words as you can using these smaller words. tugboathousedog tugboat, boathouse, houseboat, doghouse

7 Spelling Pretest 1.airplane 2.upstairs 3.something 4.itch 5.chef 6.wheat 7.chance 8.push 9.enjoy 10.moist 11.clown 12.loud 13.sprint 14.street 15.scratch

8 Fact and Opinion Facts are details that can be shown or proven. Opinions are someone’s thoughts or feelings about a topic. Both fiction and nonfiction selections can contain facts and opinions. Listen to this sentence. “I just followed Jacob until we came to a small building.” Is this a fact or an opinion? How do you know? Turn to page 166-167 in your book. Read these two pages and write down one opinion and one fact.

9 Investigate Investigate- When you investigate something, you try to find out the truth about it. Say the word with me, investigate. If you saw paw prints going around a corner, how could you investigate.

10 Expert Expert- An expert is someone who knows a lot about a certain subject. Say the word with me, expert. When might you want to contact an expert on fixing bikes?

11 Laboratory Laboratory- A place where experiments are done is a laboratory. Say the word with me, laboratory. Do you think most medicines are made in a laboratory or a restaurant?

12 Various Various- When there are various objects, there are objects of different types. Say the word with me, various. Why would you want to see various books on the shelves at a library?

13 Suspect Suspect- When you suspect someone of doing something, you think that person has done it. Say the word with me, suspect. What do you suspect when you see the sky growing darker?

14 Confess Confess- When you confess, you tell the truth about something you did wrong. Say the word with me, confess. When is it a good idea to confess when you have made a mistake?

15 perplexed The bears were perplexed about what happened to their food. When you are perplexed about something, you are confused about it. Say the word with me, perplexed When I could not solve the puzzle, I was perplexed. Would you be more perplexed by another language or by a mystery story.

16 inquisitive Cam and Sam are inquisitive detectives. If you are inquisitive about something, you are curious about it. Say the word with me, inquisitive. Are you more inquisitive about science or social studies? Why?

17 Inviting On the dining room table were three inviting bowls of porridge. If something looks inviting, you want to take part in it or have something to do with it. Say the word with me, inviting. What food do you find more inviting, oatmeal or cereal? Why?

18 amusing Papa bear did not think Goldilocks was amusing. If something is fun or funny, it is amusing. Say the word with me, amusing. What do you find more amusing, a clown or a juggler?

19 Build Robust Vocabulary Who will usually investigate a crime? Where might you see someone who is an expert at dancing? Who might work in a laboratory? Where might you see various styles of clothes. What would make you suspect that spring had arrived? To whom would you confess if you forgot to do your homework?

20 DOL 1. jordan will go to the movies or he will go to the pool 2. i put the garbage out and i put a new bag in the trash can

21 Grammar A simple sentence has a subject, and a predicate, and it expresses one complete thought. A compound sentence is made up of several simple sentences joined together. Usually it is made from two sentences joined by a comma and the word and, but, or or. We cannot open the presents yet, but we can eat the food. The comma and the word but are clues that the sentence is a compound sentence.

22 Grammar I bought three apples. Two of them were green. How can we combine these two simple sentences into one compound sentence? I bought three apples, and two of them were green. Write two simple sentences. Combine the two sentences to make a compound sentence.

23 Writing You have learned about four sentence types, statements, questions, commands, and exclamations. Good writers use all these types of sentences so that their writing is varied and interesting. Remember that you can make two similar sentences a compound sentence by adding a comma and the word and, or, or but. Choose a previous writing to revise and edit.

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