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Junior Road Safety Officers 

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1 Junior Road Safety Officers 
JRSO Junior Road Safety Officers 

2 What does the JRSO stand for?
The JRSO stands for The Junior Road Safety Officers. This is a very important job and our role is to keep you safe from the dangers on the road.

3 WHO WE ARE? The JRSO’s for this school are Abbie Halliday and Becky Campbell. We would like to help the school to learn about the dangers on the road and make sure you are safe. To help we are going to let the parents know what we are doing and we will try to do as much as we can like: Running a poster competition Writing to the parents And lots more…

4 Walking to and from school…
When you are walking to and from school always make sure that you cross with the lollipop person and never cross at a corner. Always remember not to walk between cars.

5 Taking the car to school and back…
When you are taking the car, always remember to wear your seatbelt in the front and back! Try and not distract the driver and never do anything silly like opening the doors while driving.

6 Parking Encourage your parents/carers to drive slowly and carefully when parking around the school. Never park on the zig-zag lines. Never park on the corner. Park a safe distance from the school and on the opposite side of the road from the school.

7 Cycling to school and back…
When taking the bike to and from school always remember to look back to see if there is traffic. Wear bright and reflective clothing. Always use your arm to signal left, right or if you are stopping. Always remember to wear your safety helmet and knee and elbow padding.

8 Pedestrian Crossing Always use the lollipop lady when crossing.
Wait by the kerb and wait until the lollipop man or lady is in the middle of the road and gives you instructions.

9 Green Cross Code. Step 3: Look around for traffic and listen.
Step 1: Find a safe place to cross and then stop Step 2: Stand on the pavement near the kerb. Step 3: Look around for traffic and listen. Step 4: If traffic is coming, let it pass and then look all around again. Step 5: Keep listening and looking out for traffic while crossing.

10 Thank you  Thank you for listening to our presentation
We hope you enjoyed it and that you take home the road safety message and keep safe on our roads.

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