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2 2 YOUR OBJECTIVES Marketing Your Property Two Key Questions 1.What is the market value of your property? 2.How can I effectively market your property? I’d like to demonstrate how I can effectively market your home first—and then discuss the pricing?

3 3 YOUR OBJECTIVES In my experience, the most common objectives sought by my clients are: Would these objectives describe your immediate concerns? 1.Getting the best possible price for your property. 2.In the least amount of time. 3.With a minimum amount of inconvenience.

4 4 YOUR OBJECTIVES My guarantee in marketing your property is that: 1.You will always know what actions are being taken to sell your home. 2.I will provide you with regular updates on our progress. 3.I will keep you informed on the changing market conditions. 4.I will keep you up to date on what other homes are selling for.

5 5 YOUR OBJECTIVES Carriage Trade is a luxury home marketing program designed to offer the most distinguished homes in Canada to discerning buyers from around the world. I’d like to introduce you to the exclusive Royal LePage Carriage Trade program Only exceptional properties qualify for the Carriage Trade program – homes of distinction that stand apart from the rest of the market.

6 6 YOUR OBJECTIVES Now, let me explain why your property should be listed as a Carriage Trade home Your residence meets the criteria required to be listed as Carriage Trade, including: 1.Location – Your residence is situated in a distinctive, prestigious neighborhood. 2.Amenities – Your residence possesses features that make it unique and a privilege to live in. 3.Price – Your residence can be listed at an amount that is four/three times greater than the average price in this market.

7 7 MY SERVICES Let me demonstrate how by utilizing the Carriage Trade program, I will be able to meet your objectives By combining the basic real estate services with the Carriage Trade marketing program, I’ll uniquely position your property in the marketplace. Let me tell you a little more about the Carriage Trade marketing strategy. I will leverage the unique, exquisite Carriage Trade marketing tools such as: Distinctive Carriage Trade Lawn Sign Carriage Trade marketing materials Carriage Trade newspaper ads In-depth knowledge of your neighborhood and high-end buyers Extensive Internet promotion

8 8 MY SERVICES Carriage Trade Distinctive Lawn Signs The Carriage Trade lawn sign has been designed with this in mind: Unique black background demands attention Reflective finish on the logo ensures optimal night time viewing Image of powerful horse on sign confirms that your home is indeed a property worthy of consideration Homes of distinction need signs of distinction.

9 9 MY SERVICES Carriage Trade Marketing Materials Carriage Trade materials are: Unique for each Carriage Trade property Designed to highlight the features and draw attention to the property’s unique characteristics Designed with an emphasis on luxury Printed on the highest quality stock paper Carriage Trade custom designed brochures allow me to market directly to luxury home buyers.

10 10 MY SERVICES Carriage Trade Newspaper Ads I’ll make sure that your home is advertised in all the right places. Carefully selected newspapers and magazines that appeal to discriminating purchasers interested in the finest homes on the market.

11 11 MY SERVICES The centerpiece of my marketing success is Using I will: Demonstrate the full value of your property and Attract and retain luxury buyers Let me explain how it works.

12 12 MY SERVICES Anytime…Anywhere…Marketing Potential luxury buyers will be able to easily find detailed information on your property through our search functionality is Canada’s leading real estate website.

13 13 MY SERVICES Demonstrating Value Multiple interior and exterior photos help us demonstrate the properties unique appeal and present it to its fullest potential. Slides shows (a Royal LePage exclusive) bring your luxury property to life for the buyer. Web commercials that allow us to highlight all of your homes features It is value demonstrated that helps us get top dollar for your property.

14 14 MY SERVICES Property Value There are two parts to a Carriage Trade properties value: 1.The physical features a buyer can see at your address 2.The location of your property. I’ve just shown you how we demonstrate the first part. For the second part, your neighborhood features, I have access to an assortment of tools that allow me to intricately know the luxury market in your area, including: The Royal LePage Survey Of Canadian House Prices Carriage Trade Luxury Home Report Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

15 15 MY SERVICES Out of town luxury buyers As a Royal LePage Realtor I have access to a superior Canadian, International and Corporate Referral Network which will give your property exposure to affluent, discriminating buyers around the world. Royal LePage Corporate Relocations is the largest and most dedicated relocation company in Canada. Royal LePage is the exclusive Canadian member of Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World, the world’s largest referral network. Royal LePage is one of the largest real estate networks in Canada with over 11,000 sales associates.

16 16 MY SERVICES The Royal LePage Advantage Canada’s oldest most recognizable name in real estate An industry leader in technology and customer satisfaction The most productive top producers in the business Unlimited resources working to turn your for sale sign into a sold sign I’m sure you would want and expect that kind of service from the agent you choose to represent you, wouldn’t you?

17 17 SUMMARY In Summary In Summary, you have seen: 1.How I can sell your property at the highest possible price. 2.How I will sell your property in the shortest amount of time. 3.How I will sell your property with the most favorable terms. 4.How I will add extra value to the sales process by listing your home as a Carriage Trade property.

18 18 SUMMARY Let me ask you… If we can agree on price, is there any reason why you wouldn’t feel comfortable in hiring me and my company to represent you in the sale of your property?

19 19 SUMMARY Let’s Talk Let’s now talk about the market value and what my careful market analysis indicates…

20 20 YOUR OBJECTIVES Carriage Trade Criteria Since only exceptional residences qualify for the Carriage Trade program, each residence must meet a set criteria prior to listing: 1.Location – The residence is situated in a distinctive, prestigious, sought-after exclusive neighborhood or on prized acreage or land. 2.Price – The residence’s listing price is four times greater than the average residential price as determined by your local real estate board in the following markets: Vancouver, Victoria, Greater Toronto Area, Montreal, Calgary The residence’s listing price is three times greater than the average residential price as determined by your local real estate board in all other markets Carriage Trade properties must also meet criteria based on, property, amenities, design and history.

21 21 Canada’s Finest Luxury Home Program


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