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MESSENGER, MESSENGER Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Word Work Phonics Practice Additional Resources High Frequency Words.

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1 MESSENGER, MESSENGER Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Word Work Phonics Practice Additional Resources High Frequency Words

2 What kinds of transportation help people do their jobs?

3 Compare and Contrast Define Compare and Contrast  When we read, we can tell what is alike and what is different about things in a story. It is called comparing and contrasting.  We compare when we find things that are alike.  We contrast when we find things that are different.

4 Amazing Words

5 bud was sad

6 Bud was sad.



9 Word Practice

10 High Frequency Word Practice blue green to whatwas they have said you a she yellow



13 Dates We have been saying the date every day when we look at the calendar. This is how the date is written. The name of the month is written first. The month always starts with an uppercase letter. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946.

14 Let’s Write- Dates When is St. Patrick’s Day? This St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17, 2009.


16 What are three ways people can send messages and packages?

17 can the cub tug on the rug.

18 Can the cub tug on the rug?

19 Shared Reading Pages 4–5 What time of the day is it? It is morning, and the man is waking up. Why do you think he needs to wake up? Develop Vocabulary sun, wind, rain, snow Pages 6–7 What is the messenger carrying? The messenger is carrying a bike. What do you think he will do with the bike? Develop Vocabulary bike Pages 8–9 Where is the messenger riding? He is riding his bike across a bridge. Where could he be going?

20 Shared Reading Pages 10–11 What is Calvin Curbhopper looking at? Why does he check his watch? Pages 12–13 What kind of buildings are in this city? The buildings are very tall. Have you ever been in a very tall building? Pages 14–15 What is Calvin Curbhopper doing in this picture? Calvin uses a radio to call his boss. Who does he call on the radio?

21 Shared Reading Pages 16–17 What did Calvin Curbhopper just ride through? Calvin takes shortcuts through tunnels and parking lots. Why does he take shortcuts? Develop Vocabulary parking lots, tunnels Pages 18–19 What is Calvin Curbhopper doing? Calvin is eating lunch on his bike. Why can't he stop to eat? Expand Vocabulary squints Pages 20–21 Who is Calvin waving to? Calvin waves to his pals as he rides by. What are his friends doing?

22 Shared Reading Pages 22–23 How can you tell Calvin Curbhopper is cold in this picture? Calvin is cold as he rides his bike. Have you ever ridden a bike when it was cold outside? distancing Pages 24–25 What time of day is it now? It is nighttime, and Calvin is still making deliveries. How can you tell? Pages 26–27 What does Calvin Curbhopper see out the window of the building? Calvin can see the city's lights from the tall building window. Have you ever seen a city from a tall building?

23 Shared Reading Pages 28–29 Where is Calvin riding now? Calvin is on the bridge again. Where do you think Calvin is going? Pages 30–31 What kind of look does Calvin have on his face? Calvin looks happy to be home. How do you feel when you get home?

24 Word Work m u d

25 Word Work s u n

26 Word Work h o t

27 Word Work r a n

28 Word Work J u d

29 Word Work g o t

30 Word Work b e d

31 Word Work w i ll

32 Word Work h a s

33 Word Work pl a n

34 Word Work c a n

35 Word Work v a n

36 Word Work h i s

37 Word Work p a d s

38 Word Work l e t

39 Word Work u s

40 Word Work i n

41 Word Work f u n




45 Word Practice saidthefromhave forseethey what


47 Let’s Write- Dates When we write a date, we write the month, then the date, then a comma, and finally the year. Watch as I write this date: May 1, 2006. The comma is the little curved line between the number for the day and the year. Let’s write today’s date!


49 How does a bike messenger bundle up in winter?

50 do you jump up and down

51 Do you jump up and down?

52 Compare and Contrast  Besides bicycle riding, what are some other ways that people can travel to deliver a package?  Which do you think is faster, riding a bike or walking?  How do you think riding in a car in city traffic is like bicycle riding, and how do you think it is different?

53 Word Practice j ug

54 cup

55 pup

56 cut

57 nut

58 sun

59 fun

60 stun

61 Word Practice junk

62 Word Practice dust

63 High Frequency Words whatsaidwasseelookcomehelikehave

64 cat cut

65 hit hut

66 nut net

67 tag tug

68 bun bin

69 rob rub




73 Let’s Write- Questions and Uppercase A sentence that asks something is called a question. When you write a sentence that asks a question, you place a question mark at the end. Remember that all sentences begin with an uppercase letter.  What is your name?  Where are you going.  how are you today?

74 What transportation can mail carriers use to do their job?

75 Calvin Can ride fast?

76 Calvin can ride fast.

77 Phonics Practice

78 High Frequency Words what was said my see is the




82 Let’s Write a Letter  Today we're going to write a pretend message to the author of Messenger, Messenger, Robert Burleigh. Our message will be in a letter. What parts does a letter have?  The first thing we must write is the date. Then we write Dear Mr. Burleigh, here, skipping a line.  What should we say in our letter? Did we like this book? What did we like about it? Prompt children to generate compliments about the writing and the illustrations in the book. When we have finished our letter, we say goodbye and sign the letter with our name: Sincerely, [Your Name]'s Kindergarten Class.

83 What kinds of transportation help people do their jobs?

84 i fell down

85 I fell down.

86 High Frequency Words yellow

87 said

88 was

89 what

90 blue

91 green

92 like

93 see

94 do

95 one

96 that

97 they

98 you

99 of

100 two

101 look

102 she

103 three

104 we

105 me

106 for

107 we

108 he

109 my

110 four

111 five

112 has

113 is

114 have

115 little

116 I

117 a

118 the

119 with

120 go

121 Websites Starfall- letter Uu Cookie Monster- letter Uu Leo Loves to Spell See-N-Spell (short vowels) Bike Game Messenger photos and info Kindergarten Kove

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