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Proton Source Workshop Booster Downtime Wednesday, December 8, 2010 T. Sullivan.

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1 Proton Source Workshop Booster Downtime Wednesday, December 8, 2010 T. Sullivan

2 Booster Downtime Operators record machine downtime on D18. It is from this information we get our data, along with our own recording of information not found on D18, i.e. periods during a scheduled or unscheduled downtime period required by another machine. Booster access often requires A one hour cool down A rad tech to accompany the work crew to determine if additional measures are necessary. This is common for BRF work. Jobs are all entered into a worklist

3 Booster Downtime Over the Past Ten Years Hours

4 Data taken from D18

5 Summer Shutdown Average 1.7% downtime

6 Summer Shutdown

7 Average downtime 24 hours/month

8 Percentage of Booster Downtime Including Shutdowns Jan 2010 - Nov 2010

9 Hours Average downtime 6.0 hours/month Summer Shutdown

10 Booster RF Voltage (KV/T) (one year time span)

11 Major BRF Repairs 12/19/09 – BRF19 vacuum leak, ceramic 06/08/10 – BRF3 vacuum leak, ceramic 08/01/10 – BRF1 rear tuner water leak 08/01/10 – BRF15 rear tuner water leak 08/01/10 – BRF18 front tuner water leak 08/18/10 – BRF5 sparking front tuner replaced

12 BRF19 Vacuum Leak

13 BRF19

14 BRF19 Cavity Failure – Dec 19, 2009 First cavity failure of this nature Vacuum leak - beam off, valves close, access, leak check Remove cavity from beam line Insert spool piece, pump down, leak check Rep rate reduced to preserve remaining cavities 10.5 hours of downtime Cavity repair requires written ALARA procedure, and supervision of a radiation tech when any work is performed After repair transport cavity to MI60 for testing Cavity re-installed April 13, 2010 10.5 hours of downtime for re-installation ALARA total for BRF19 cavity repair - 170.5 mrem Two months later…

15 BRF3 Vacuum Leak

16 BRF3

17 BRF3 Cavity Failure – June 8, 2010 All the same steps as previously mentioned for BRF19 were performed 14.5 hours of downtime Repaired and installed cavity on August 6 during the summer shutdown ALARA total for BRF3 cavity repair - 362 mrem

18 BRF3 ceramic

19 BRF5 Front Tuner August 16, 2010 BRF5 tuner starting sparking, unable to run the cavity. Removed front tuner from the cavity and the tunnel Aug. 18 th Required a special lift fixture from MI60 to remove the tuner.

20 BRF5

21 BRF5 Tuner

22 BRF5 tuner stem connection

23 BRF Tuner Water Leaks Prior to the 2010 summer shutdown we had three BRF cavity tuners (BRF1, BRF15, BRF18) leaking water and an LCW valve. Although the majority of the water was leaking from BRF18 tuner. This accounted for losing ~175 gallons of LCW per day for three months. If we decided not to run in this manner the Booster intensity would have had to be reduced. During the summer shutdown the three tuners were repaired or replaced along with the LCW valve.

24 Reducing Booster Downtime Tunnel components Replace existing plastic water tubing with more radiation hardened materials PEEK or Kynar Install components away from the beam line when possible, improving their lifetime Use improved vacuum seals to reduce vacuum leaks Newer corrector supplies improved reliability Power supplies and controllers much more reliable More readily available spares Proactive with maintenance Regular maintenance on equipment

25 Summary Booster has only 1.7 percent down time for 2010. Much of this is due to the hard work of people that work on and support the Booster. Assure we have enough spare gradient magnets to support future operations. 75% of Booster downtime is due to BRF To maintain present throughput Booster RF needs to remain running consistently. We need an ambitious program to replace or upgrade the present BRF cavities which includes going to all solid state power supplies.

26 End Slide

27 Booster 95 LCW Make-up January – July, 2010 Gal

28 Repairs to Booster Components Requiring ALARA 04/08 Replace MP02 - 918 mrem 03/09 Period 6 vacuum leak - 233 mrem 01/10 BRF19 vacuum repair - 170.5 mrem 06/10 BRF3 vacuum repair - 362 mrem


30 Summer Shutdown

31 Hours of Booster Downtime Including Shutdowns Jan 2010 - Nov 2010 Total Hours = 239



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