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Bathroom Design.

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1 Bathroom Design

2 Types of bathrooms: Full Bath – a sink, toilet, and bathtub
Three Quarter Bath – a sink, toilet, and a shower (but no tub) Half Bath – also known as a “powder room”; has a sink and a toilet Master Bath – a full bath that is part of the master bedroom area

3 Design considerations:
Bathrooms should be placed close to existing drainage pipes A floor plan is essential Consider the number of people using the bathroom Consider special needs (ex. universal design elements)

4 Storage: Vanity Shelves Closets Cupboards

5 Bathroom systems: Electrical – ground-fault circuit interrupters needed for outlets near water Lighting – lights should be wall or ceiling mounted. Bright light is needed. Skylights are another option. Ventilation – needed to reduce moisture (exhaust fan, windows)

6 Bathroom components: SINKS: Floating – open space beneath
Pedestal – freestanding base Inset – set into the top of vanity Vessel – sits on top of a counter

7 Bathroom components con’t:
BATHTUBS: Clawfoot – Victorian style, freestanding with feet Pedestal – freestanding tub Drop-In – built into wall or platform Whirlpool – built in tub with air jets

8 Bathroom components con’t:
SHOWERS: Tub Shower vs. Stand Alone Stall

9 DESIGN project You will have the choice to work alone or with a partner. Create a unique bathroom design for a real life client. Interview the client and build a client profile. Your design will be showcased on a design board and must include the following: Accurate floor plan Colour scheme Sample materials that showcase: flooring, textiles, etc. Pictures of fixtures and furniture and accessories A price list

10 DESIGN PROJECT You will be given class time to work on this project, however, you must come prepared. You will need a personal device such as a laptop or smart phone to research products online. I will be giving you websites to help source your materials, determine themes, and create your design. You will have to spend time outside of school to gather some materials for your design board, such as paint samples and/or other textiles and materials you wish to include on your board. You will also be responsible for creating a pitch to the client and class to sell your design.

“Whatever you do, don’t leave this til the last minute!! There’s a lot of work involved but it’s cool to see your design come together in the end.” “Use the time the teacher gives you in class wisely. Don’t slack off like me cause you’ll regret it when it comes time to present your board.” “I especially liked getting to know the client and knowing that my design could actually be one they chose. Ms. Chevrier expects you to be like a professional designer, which helped inspire the project. It was very real.” “I didn’t realize how much there is to think about as a designer. I thought it would be a simple assignments, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.” “Don’t waste class time.” “Visit places like Home Depot and Kents to see the bathrooms on display. It helped me a lot to see it in real life.” “Don’t leave it til the day before or you’ll be up the creek buddy!!!”

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