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Sleeping Area and Bath Facilities

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1 Sleeping Area and Bath Facilities
Room Planning Sleeping Area and Bath Facilities 1

2 Three Basic Areas Sleeping Area Living Area Service Area
Where the family sleeps and rests. Living Area Where the family relaxes, dines, entertains guests, and gathers. Service Area Where food is prepared, clothes are laundered, goods are stored, the car is parked, and house equipment is stored. 2

3 Three Basic Areas 3

4 Sleeping Area The sleeping area comprises about one-third of the home.
It includes bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and nurseries. Is normally located in a quiet area of the home. 4

5 Small Bedroom This bedroom has the bare essentials. 5

6 Average Bedroom Provides ample space for a double bed, chest of drawers, dresser, tables, etc. 6

7 Large Bedroom Provides space for additional furniture.
May have its own private bath. 7

8 Furniture Sizes 8

9 Clearance 9

10 Clearance 10

11 Closets 4 linear feet of closet rod space for a male; 6 linear feet for a female. Minimum depth is 24". Locate on interior wall. Locate near bedroom door. 11

12 Closets There are a variety of bedroom closet doors from which to choose: Sliding, bi-fold, accordion, flush Full openings are more accessible. Usual door height is 6'-8" or 8'-0". 12

13 Windows & Doors Placing windows on two walls is best.
Draft should not blow across the bed. Provide at least one entry door. Door size: 2'-6" to 3'-0" wide Door should swing into the bedroom. 13

14 Functional Bedroom Layout
Floor Plan Functional Bedroom Layout 14

15 Bathrooms A small, traditional bath. 15

16 Bathrooms A large, modern bath. 16

17 Bathrooms A small bath with a shower. 17

18 Bathrooms A minimal bath. 18

19 Bathrooms An elaborate bath. 19

20 Locations of Bathrooms
One or more bathrooms should be near the bedrooms and living areas of the home. 20

21 Bathrooms A minimum size bath is 5' x 8'. 21

22 Bathrooms A large bath may be 10' x 10' or larger. 22

23 Bathrooms Double-Entry Bath 23

24 Bathrooms Two-Compartment Bath 24

25 Bathrooms 25

26 Bathrooms A mirror should be placed above the sink or a full-length mirror can be installed on a bathroom wall or door. 26 (Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.)

27 Bathrooms Sink cabinets or vanities provide much-needed countertop and storage space. Twin lavatories are desirable when more than one person is using the bath. 27

28 Bathrooms 28

29 Bathrooms 29

30 Clearances 30

31 Ventilation Bathroom ventilation is a necessity.
Ventilation can be provided by windows or an exhaust fan. 31

32 Bathroom Decor The bathroom decor should provide for easy cleaning.
Resists moisture. Provides a pleasing atmosphere. 32

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