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2 Drama Prose or verse telling a story intended for representation by actors through dialogue or action.

3 The Play Playwright : person who writes plays.
Script : printed copy of a play. Acts : the major sections of a play. Scene : small section or portion of a play.

4 The People Cast: all performers selected to portray characters.
Actor: male performer Actress: female performer Cast: all performers selected to portray characters. Director: instructs actors on how to portray characters.

5 The Theater A building where a play is performed containing the stage and seating area for the audience.

6 Literary Elements Storyline – Plot (what happens in a play or story)
Character – A person or animal in a play Story Organization – Beginning, Middle, & End.

7 Monologue – A long speech by one person.
Dialogue – Conversation, in a play, movie or book. Conflict – The Problem in a book, play , or movie.

8 Technical Elements of Drama
Scenery – The painted boards and screens that are used on stage as the background of a play. Sounds & Music – Background sounds that reflect what is happening in a play.

9 Costumes: clothing worn by an actor on stage to help represent characters.
Props: items used on stage to help actors tell a story

10 Performance Elements Acting: use of face, body, and voice to portray a character. Speaking: verbal expression, voice projection, speaking style, diction Nonverbal Expression: facial expression, movement and gestures

11 Creative Dramatics Improvisation: to make up or perform without preparation. Pantomime: to communicate without speaking using only facial and body gestures.

12 Mimicry: to copy or imitate something very closely.
Role Playing: to take on the characteristics of someone or something.

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