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How Electricity is produced

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1 How Electricity is produced
Energy For Human Use Types of energy 7 forms of energy Energy Resources How Electricity is produced The power that comes to our homes originates from power plants. Power plants are locations where electricity is “produced” with a generator using an energy resource. Over the course of this slide show we will go over the different energy resources that are used today and how each of these resources produces electricity. 1

2 2 types of energy Kinetic energy energy in motion, if it is not moving it does not have kinetic energy. Potential energy stored energy in an object due to its position.

3 2 things that affect kinetic energy
Speed Mass

4 The more speed the more energy it has

5 The more mass the more energy it has
The more mass the more energy it has. This is because it takes more energy to move the bowling ball A B

6 Potential energy Ball and chain

7 Forms of energy MR. SCENT
M- Mechanical R- Radiant S- Sound C- Chemical E- Electric N- Nuclear T-Thermal

8 Mechanical Energy: the energy that puts something in motion
Mechanical Energy: the energy that puts something in motion. It pulls, pushes, twists, turns and throws. Your body converts chemical energy in food to mechanical energy in your body.

9 Radiant Energy: also known as light energy is waves caused by vibrations of electrically charged particles. Plants use radiant energy from the sun during photosynthesis to make chemical energy for the plant to use

10 Radiant energy type of energy light carries.
Light can either be absorbed, transmitted, or reflected. If an object absorbs light it will get warmer. light light light Object Reflecting light Object Transmitting light Object Absorbing light Object Absorbing light

11 Sound Energy: vibrations or waves caused by something.
Sound waves travel through a medium such as air particles, water or wood (radiant energy does not) Air particles

12 Chemical energy: is when chemicals break apart into new chemicals.
When you start off with something and end with something different. energy Food Sugar Molecule

13 Electric Energy is the energy of moving electrons
Energy carried through electrical currents is called electrical energy. Electricity is measured in voltage.

14 Generating electrical energy
Electrical energy is formed by a generator (device that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy)

15 How electrical power plants work.
Spinning turbines Rotate the Generator Producing electricity How electrical power plants work. Steam rushes Through turbines (fan blades) Causing them to spin. generator Boiling water creates Steam which rises Coal and oil are burned to Create enough heat to boil water.

16 Nuclear energy is energy taken from the nucleus of an atom.
20% of electrical energy is produced in a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power plant energy nucleus atom

17 Nuclear Power Energy is released when atoms from the element Uranium (which is radioactive) split apart in a nuclear reaction. This radioactive waste can cause serious harm to organism. It remains radioactive for thousands of years. Safe disposal of this waste is important.

18 Which has the most thermal energy?
Thermal energy energy that increases with temperature. Which has the most thermal energy? A B C

19 Different kinds of energy can come from 1 source. What types come this…
(Thermal) Candle gives Off heat (radiant) Flame gives Off light (chemical) Wax to flame.

20 Different types of energy are being transformed from one to another in this picture.

21 Law of conservation of energy.
Energy is not created or destroyed, it just changes form. =

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