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7/2013 Izydorczak 1.  100 Years War (Strong King) and Black Death  Scientific Advances (Renaissance) which contradicted the Church 7/2013Izydorczak2.

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1 7/2013 Izydorczak 1

2  100 Years War (Strong King) and Black Death  Scientific Advances (Renaissance) which contradicted the Church 7/2013Izydorczak2

3  Humanism caused people to start questioning the Catholic Church  The Corruption within the Catholic Church 7/2013Izydorczak3

4  Prior to the Reformation all Christians in Western Europe were Roman Catholic  People like Martin Luther wanted to get rid of the corruption and restore the people’s faith in the church  The [REFORM]ation was an attempt to REFORM the Catholic Church 7/2013Izydorczak4

5  In the end the reformers, like Luther, established their own religions  The Reformation caused a split in Christianity with the formation of these new Protestant religions 7/2013Izydorczak5

6 7/2013Izydorczak6

7  Martin Luther  Henry VIII  John Calvin 7/2013Izydorczak7

8  Lived from 1483-1546 in Germany  A sudden religious experience inspired him to become a monk  Father encouraged him to study law 7/2013Izydorczak8

9  He became troubled over the possibility of not going to heaven  In the Bible he found the answer he was looking for  He turned to the Bible, and confession for comfort 7/2013Izydorczak9

10 7/2013Izydorczak10

11  A list of things he thought were wrong with the Catholic Church (95 Complaints)  Indulgences (Catholic concept of Salvation)  The Extreme Wealth of the Church  The Power of the Pope  He criticized: 7/2013Izydorczak11

12  Posted his 95 Theses on Church doors in Germany  Gained support from people and criticism from Church  Gutenberg’s Printing Press made it possible for Luther to spread his beliefs 7/2013Izydorczak12

13  The Diet of Worms  Luther went into hiding where he translated the New Testament into German – spreading his beliefs even further  Luther burned the order and was excommunicated  1520 Pope Leo X order Luther to give up his beliefs 7/2013Izydorczak13

14  He was the Pope during the height of the corruption 7/2013Izydorczak14

15 7/2013Izydorczak15

16  Anti-Catholic  Created his own Protestant religion in Switzerland  Disagreed with Luther’s “Salvation through faith alone.”  Influenced by Martin Luther 7/2013Izydorczak16

17  Calvin believed in:  At birth it is decided if you will go to heaven  Salvation through Predestination 7/2013Izydorczak17

18  Foreknowledge  No drinking, swearing, card playing, gambling etc..  Purified approach to life:  God knows everything that will happen in your life 7/2013Izydorczak18

19 King of England Originally attacked Martin Luther’s ideas Wanted a son to take over the throne of England 7/2013Izydorczak19

20 His first wife only gave birth to one daughter and couldn’t have anymore children Wanted to have his marriage annulled so he could remarry Matrimony = Sacrament (illegal in the eyes of the Catholic Church) 7/2013Izydorczak20

21 Pope refuses annulment Henry VIII creates his own church. Anglican Church - (Monarch is the head of this new church) 7/2013Izydorczak21

22 7/2013Izydorczak22

23 Results of the Reformation 7/2013Izydorczak23

24 Results of the Reformation Catholic Church losses power Calvinism spreads to other countries (France, Scotland, Holland, England, Germany) More people were able to read the bible 7/2013Izydorczak24

25 Results of the Reformation England no longer influenced by Pope England, one of the strongest countries, becomes Protestant Started the Catholic Reformation 7/2013Izydorczak25

26 Practice Questions Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses were a call for -crusades to spread Christianity -greater papal authority -reforms within the Roman Catholic Church -religious revolt against the German princes 7/2013Izydorczak26

27 Practice Questions In Western Europe, a major immediate effect of the Reformation was a -decline in religious unity and in the power of the Catholic Church -decrease in educational opportunities for the middle class -greater tolerance of religions other than Christianity -renewed domination of the Catholic Church over the German states 7/2013Izydorczak27

28 Practice Questions During the Renaissance, which development contributed most to the Protestant Reformation? -attention to realism and detail -questioning of traditional authority -advances in mathematics and science -interest in Ancient Greece and Rome 7/2013Izydorczak28

29 Practice Questions “Unless I am convinced by Scripture and plain reason... my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will hot recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise.” —Martin Luther, Diet of Worms (1517) -the need for nepotism -maintaining the unity of the Church -imprisoning those who disagreed with Church teachings -the supremacy of the Bible over Church policies When Martin Luther said “my conscience is captive to the Word of God,” he was referring to his belief in 7/2013Izydorczak29

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