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 100 Years War (Strong King) and Black Death  Scientific Advances (Renaissance) which contradicted the Church.

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2  100 Years War (Strong King) and Black Death  Scientific Advances (Renaissance) which contradicted the Church

3  Humanism caused people to start questioning the Catholic Church  The Corruption within the Catholic Church

4  Prior to the Reformation all Christians in Western Europe were Roman Catholic  People like Martin Luther wanted to get rid of the corruption and restore the people’s faith in the church  The [REFORM]ation was an attempt to REFORM the Catholic Church

5  In the end the reformers, like Luther, established their own religions  The Reformation caused a split in Christianity with the formation of these new Protestant religions


7  Martin Luther  Henry VIII  John Calvin

8  Lived from 1483-1546 in Germany  A sudden religious experience inspired him to become a monk  Father encouraged him to study law

9  He became troubled over the possibility of not going to heaven  In the Bible he found the answer he was looking for  He turned to the Bible, and confession for comfort


11  A list of things he thought were wrong with the Catholic Church (95 Complaints)  Indulgences (Catholic concept of Salvation)  The Extreme Wealth of the Church  The Power of the Pope  He criticized:

12  Posted his 95 Theses on Church doors in Germany  Gained support from people and criticism from Church  Gutenberg’s Printing Press made it possible for Luther to spread his beliefs

13  The Diet of Worms  Luther went into hiding where he translated the New Testament into German – spreading his beliefs even further  Luther burned the order and was excommunicated  1520 Pope Leo X order Luther to give up his beliefs

14  He was the Pope during the height of the corruption


16  Anti-Catholic  Created his own Protestant religion in Switzerland  Disagreed with Luther’s “Salvation through faith alone.”  Influenced by Martin Luther

17  Calvin believed in:  At birth it is decided if you will go to heaven  Salvation through Predestination

18  Foreknowledge  No drinking, swearing, card playing, gambling etc..  Purified approach to life:  God knows everything that will happen in your life

19 King of England Originally attacked Martin Luther’s ideas Wanted a son to take over the throne of England

20 His first wife only gave birth to one daughter and couldn’t have anymore children Wanted to have his marriage annulled so he could remarry Matrimony = Sacrament (illegal in the eyes of the Catholic Church)

21 Pope refuses annulment Henry VIII creates his own church. Anglican Church - (Monarch is the head of this new church)


23 Results of the Reformation

24 Catholic Church losses power Calvinism spreads to other countries (France, Scotland, Holland, England, Germany) More people were able to read the bible

25 Results of the Reformation England no longer influenced by Pope England, one of the strongest countries, becomes Protestant Started the Catholic Reformation

26 Practice Questions Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses were a call for -crusades to spread Christianity -greater papal authority -reforms within the Roman Catholic Church -religious revolt against the German princes

27 Practice Questions In Western Europe, a major immediate effect of the Reformation was a -decline in religious unity and in the power of the Catholic Church -decrease in educational opportunities for the middle class -greater tolerance of religions other than Christianity -renewed domination of the Catholic Church over the German states

28 Practice Questions During the Renaissance, which development contributed most to the Protestant Reformation? -attention to realism and detail -questioning of traditional authority -advances in mathematics and science -interest in Ancient Greece and Rome

29 Practice Questions “Unless I am convinced by Scripture and plain reason... my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will hot recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise.” —Martin Luther, Diet of Worms (1517) -the need for nepotism -maintaining the unity of the Church -imprisoning those who disagreed with Church teachings -the supremacy of the Bible over Church policies When Martin Luther said “my conscience is captive to the Word of God,” he was referring to his belief in

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