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20061-800-96-ABUSE1 Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Training for Professionals Please Sign In.

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1 20061-800-96-ABUSE1 Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Training for Professionals Please Sign In

2 20061-800-96-ABUSE2 Presented by Florida Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) in collaboration with Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF)

3 20061-800-96-ABUSE3 Training Goal The overall goal for this training is to increase awareness of the mandatory reporting requirements and to improve communication between professionals and the Abuse Hotline.

4 20061-800-96-ABUSE4 Department of Elder Affairs Long-Term Care OMBUDSMAN Program is designed to protect the rights of long-term care facility residents through investigation of complaints and education. 1–888-831-0404

5 20061-800-96-ABUSE5 Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Is defined in Chapter 415, Florida Statutes Partnership of DOEA and DCF serves to assist Florida’s elders to live in elder-friendly communities

6 20061-800-96-ABUSE6 Adult Protective Services (APS) Investigates… allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation for disabled individuals age 18 and older. allegations of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation for individuals age 60 and older.

7 20061-800-96-ABUSE7

8 20061-800-96-ABUSE8 Alleged Maltreatments By Type

9 20061-800-96-ABUSE9 Overview of Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Abuse, neglect and exploitation is a complex and often hidden problem. The Department of Children & Families (DCF) investigates and corrects abuse, neglect and exploitation through the reports taken by the Florida Abuse Hotline (1-800-96-ABUSE). Everyone has a responsibility to make a report when abuse, neglect or exploitation is suspected.

10 20061-800-96-ABUSE10 What are Indicators of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation?

11 20061-800-96-ABUSE11 What Is Abuse? Abuse means any willful act or threatened act by a relative, caregiver, or household member which causes or is likely to cause significant impairment to a vulnerable adult’s physical, mental, or emotional health. Abuse includes acts and omissions.

12 20061-800-96-ABUSE12 What Is Neglect? Neglect means the failure or omission on the part of the caregiver or vulnerable adult to provide the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the physical and mental health of a vulnerable adult. Neglect also means the failure of a caregiver or vulnerable adult to make a reasonable effort to protect a vulnerable adult from abuse, neglect or exploitation by others. Neglect is repeated conduct or a single incident of carelessness which produces or could reasonably be expected to result in serious physical or psychological injury, or a substantial risk of death.

13 20061-800-96-ABUSE13 What Is Exploitation? Exploitation means knowingly, by deception or intimidation, obtaining or using, or attempting to obtain or use the adult’s funds, assets, or property with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive the adult of the use, benefit, or possession of the funds, assets, or property for the benefit of someone other than the vulnerable adult.

14 20061-800-96-ABUSE14 A Person Who Exploits is... A person who stands in a position of trust and confidence with a vulnerable adult. A person who knows or who should know that the vulnerable adult lacks the capacity to consent. Not always known by the victim.

15 20061-800-96-ABUSE15 IF A PATTERN OCCURS… Physical/Sexual Abuse Psychological Abuse Environmental Neglect by a Caregiver Self Neglect Exploitation Call the Florida Abuse Hotline to report the situation

16 20061-800-96-ABUSE16 Who Is A Vulnerable Adult? Vulnerable Adult means a person age 18 or older whose ability to perform the normal activities of daily living, and/or to provide for his or her own care or protection, is impaired due to a mental, emotional, long-term physical, or developmental disability or dysfunctioning, or brain damage, or due to the infirmities of aging.

17 20061-800-96-ABUSE17 Who Is A Vulnerable Adult In Need Of Services? A vulnerable adult in need of services means an adult who has been determined by a protective investigator to be suffering from the ill effects of neglect not caused by a second party perpetrator, and is in need of protective or other services to prevent further harm.

18 20061-800-96-ABUSE18 Who Are The Victims? They are typically those unable to care for themselves : Often dependent upon an abuser for care May be disabled by an alcohol or substance abuse problem Isolated, probably unwilling to ask for help Usually female over 75 years old

19 20061-800-96-ABUSE19 Age of Victims

20 20061-800-96-ABUSE20 Who Are The Abusers? Abusers are most often a family member! More often are men Likely to have a history of mental disorders May be using/abusing alcohol or other substances May have a poor financial situation or be extremely stressed for some reason Often are critical of others and lack understanding about the needs of those for whom they care

21 20061-800-96-ABUSE21 How Does Abuse Happen? Family dynamics contribute to abuse: Lack of family support or isolation from others Caregivers who feel forced to provide care Too many people in a crowded home Marital conflict Financial problems Medical issues

22 20061-800-96-ABUSE22 Reporting Abuse Barriers to reporting Victims often find it difficult to file a report for themselves due to guilt, pride, shame, fear. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse, neglect and exploitation is sometimes not easy. Lack of knowledge of mandatory reporting requirements inhibits reporting.

23 20061-800-96-ABUSE23 Reporting Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation Making a good report requires… An understanding of Abuse Hotline terms and reporting requirements Clear communication Detailed information

24 20061-800-96-ABUSE24 What To Report Victim’s name, street address or location, phone number, with area code, age, gender and race. A description of the abuse, neglect or exploitation, including any signs of harm or injuries. A description of the victim’s physical, mental or behavioral disability or infirmity. The name of the person responsible and their relationship to the victim.

25 20061-800-96-ABUSE25 Where To Report Telephone reporting: 1-800-96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873) Always phone in information concerning emergency or critical situations. Facsimile reporting: 1-800-914-0004 When faxing, use the form provided and include all of the information - do not send copies of medical or case notes.

26 20061-800-96-ABUSE26 How Can You Help? Learn effective interviewing techniques. If the victim is in danger of immediate harm call 911 or local law enforcement. Learn about local support groups, counseling or other available services in your area to which the victim can be referred. When in doubt about a situation, make the call and let the Hotline experts decide if investigation is needed.

27 20061-800-96-ABUSE27 Hotline Commitment to Service The Florida Abuse Hotline is committed to providing quality assessments and a clear understanding of services. All callers will be told if the information they have provided is being accepted as a report or not. All calls remain confidential.

28 20061-800-96-ABUSE28 If you disagree … with the counselors decision not to accept a report …  Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.  Call 850-487-6100 during regular business hours to voice your complaint.


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