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Bobby Carter Criminal Court Thirtieth Judicial at Memphis.

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1 Bobby Carter Criminal Court Thirtieth Judicial at Memphis




5  Protective services shall prevent further abuse, neglect or exploitation  (within the limits set out in these parts)

6  Will require the cooperation of many agencies  In conjunction with the DHS  Due “to the complex nature of the risks to this group”  That adequate protection of adults

7  the infliction of:  physical pain,  injury,  or mental anguish,

8  the deprivation of services by a caretaker that are necessary to maintain the health and welfare of an adult

9  a situation in which an adult is unable to provide or obtain the services that are necessary to maintain that person's health or welfare.

10  Nothing in this part shall be construed to mean a person is abused or neglected or in need of protective services for the sole reason that the person relies on or is being furnished treatment by spiritual means through prayer alone in accordance with a recognized religious method of healing in lieu of medical treatment;

11  nothing in this part shall be construed to require or authorize the provision of medical care to any terminally ill person if such person has executed an unrevoked living will in accordance with the Tennessee Right to Natural Death Act

12  transporting an adult and knowingly abandoning, leaving or failing to provide additional planned transportation for the adult  if the adult's caretaker knows, or should know, that:  The adult is unable to protect or care for himself or herself without assistance or supervision; and  The caretaker's conduct causes any of the results listed in subdivision (1)(A) or creates a substantial risk of such results

13  Exploitation means the improper use by a caretaker of funds that have been paid by a governmental agency to an adult or to the caretaker for the use or care of the adult;

14  is unable to manage such person's own resources,  carry out the activities of daily living,  or protect such person from neglect, hazardous or abusive situations without assistance from others  and who has no available, willing, and responsibly able person for assistance

15  Advanced age means sixty (60) years of age or older;  Capacity to consent means the mental ability to make a rational decision, which includes the ability to perceive, appreciate all relevant facts and to reach a rational judgment upon such facts.

16  Means an individual or institution who has assumed the duty to provide for the care of the adult by contract or agreement  Includes a parent, spouse, adult child or other relative, both biological or by marriage, who:  Resides with or in the same building with or regularly visits the adult;  Knows or reasonably should know of the adult's mental or physical dysfunction or advanced age; and  Knows or reasonably should know that the adult is unable to adequately provide for the adult's own care; and

17  Does not mean a financial institution as a caretaker of funds or other assets unless such financial institution has entered into an agreement to act as a trustee of such property or has been appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction to act as a trustee with regard to the property of the adult;

18  Includes, but is not limited to:  A personal interview with the suspected victim  Or, where injury or death…the coroner’s or doctor’s report on the incident

19  Any person  Physician  Nurse  Social worker  Caretaker  Coroner  DHS personnel

20  The department investigates  Written report with recommendations  Notify law enforcement as needed

21  Of the subject of the investigation  Any caretaker  Any alleged perpetrator  By administrative subpoena

22  As necessary to prevent further abuse and/or exploitation






28  Circuit, chancery and general sessions courts  Probate courts in counties over 775,000  Venue is where adult resides or is present


30  To knowingly, other than by accidental means, abuse, neglect or exploit any adult within the meaning of this part.

31  to knowingly, other than by accidental means, physically abuse or grossly neglect an impaired adult if the abuse or neglect results in serious mental or physical harm.

32  Unless a court orders differently for good cause shown  Violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor

33  In addition to other remedies provided by law, an elderly person or disabled adult in that person's own right, or by conservator or next friend, shall have a right of recovery in a civil action for compensatory damages for abuse or neglect, sexual abuse or exploitation as defined in this part or for theft of such person's or adult's money or property whether by fraud, deceit, coercion or otherwise 


35  Toll free number for reporting  Adult protective services contact info must be posted in care facilities


37  Any relative may file a Petition  Alleging violation of 71-6-117 (abuse, neglect or exploitation)  Allege a factual basis  May apply for order of protection (even ex parte if needed)

38  In effect until hearing  Department may intervene  After hearing the Order may be extended as needed up to 120 days

39  A very powerful tool exists that I suspect we will be seeing much more of in the future

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