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Writing a Friendly Letter

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1 Writing a Friendly Letter
To Chris Van Allsburg

2 You have just finished reading, The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg.
Your task is to learn more about Chris Van Allsburg by visiting an Author Spotlight website about him. After that, you will type a friendly letter to him.

3 What will you write about?
You may want to tell Chris Van Allsburg a little bit about yourself. You will probably also want to ask him some questions about what you read on the website. You may want to tell him about your favorite book that he has written.

4 What are the parts of a friendly letter?
Heading- your address and date Greeting- Dear Chris Van Allsburg, Body- what you will write about Closing- Your friend, Signature- your name

5 Let’s Get Started!!! Now visit this website, Chris Van Allsburg's Biography to learn more about him. Please take notes about what you learn, what you want to tell him, and any questions you have. When we are all finished with our research, we will write a rough draft of our letters.

6 Follow Up After you have turned in your completed letter, you may visit this Scholastic Book website to learn more about another author and type a friendly letter to him or her.

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