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Activities submitted by Kelly Shea By Judith Viorst.

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1 Activities submitted by Kelly Shea By Judith Viorst

2 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day, written by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Ray Cruz, is the humorous story of a boy’s bad day from the moment he wakes up with gum in his hair to the time he goes to bed without his cat. During the day he encounters a cereal box without a prize, causes a disaster in his dad’s office, and much more. Of course, he wants to move to Australia!

3 This website provides a wealth of information on Australia. Learn more about the Australian constitution, flag, national anthem, government and anything else you want to know about Australia. Activity Alexander was having such a bad day that he decided to move to Australia. Use this website to see what school is like in Australia. Make a list of the reasons why Alexander would or would not like Australia.

4 Find out what word the people in Australia use to say “afternoon.”

5 This website provides information about how math is used in daily life and how numbers affect everyday decisions. Activity During math class, Alexander left out the number 16 when he was counting. He wondered if we even needed 16. Use this website to find out how math is used in daily life and why we need every number. Write a paragraph about your most important reason for math.

6 Find out what the exact definition is for the word geometry.

7 provides information about keeping your mouth healthy. This website is created for children and features a Buddies club, cool new toothbrushes and new toothpaste flavors. Activity Alexander’s day was even worse when he visited the dentist and found he had a cavity. Design a handout for other kids listing the tips needed to keep healthy teeth and gums.

8 Find out which letter of the alphabet the dental floss should be shaped in when cleaning your gums.

9 This website provides necessary information on nutrition. Learn about food facts, food safety, health management and lifestyle issues. Activity Alexander is upset by some of the food his mother gives him. She doesn’t put dessert in his lunch and she gives him lima beans with dinner. Click on the food pyramid and use the it to plan a menu for a day for Alexander.

10 Find out the average amount of meat (in pounds) each person in the United States consumed in 1999.

11 provides art information for artists of all ages. Print out page to color, explore the Crayola factory, or learn new arts and crafts ideas. Activity The art teacher didn’t like Alexander’s picture of an invisible castle. Use this website to print out your own personalized coloring book with only pictures that you like so you won’t feel badly like Alexander.

12 Find out what Mr.. Roger’s favorite color is.

13 Brown, Marc. Arthur’s Tooth. Atlantic Monthly Press, 1985 Viorst, Judith. Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday, Atheneum, 1978.

14 Alexander’s story online http://www.kennedy-

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