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2 Wake up I wake up every morning at 6:30 a.m. My dad wakes me up early in the morning.

3 Get up I usually get up at 6:45 a.m. Please don’t get me up so early!

4 Get dressed When I was little, my mom helped me to get dressed every morning. I dressed up my baby doll.

5 Wash my face I wash my face with water and soap. My mom told me to wash my face. Her face was pretty

6 Comb my hair I use a brush to comb my hair. The comb was stuck in my long hair. The teacher asked if I had combed my hair.

7 Brush my teeth It is very important to brush my teeth three times a day. My mom yelled at me: “Brush your teeth”! I use the toothbrush to brush my teeth.

8 Floss We need to floss our teeth at least once a day. I floss my teeth every morning. The dental floss is in the drawer.

9 Make the bed I make my bed every morning before I go to school. My mom helped me make my bed.

10 Eat breakfast I eat breakfast in the school cafeteria. My mom cooks breakfast early in the morning. My favorite breakfast consists of eggs and toast.

11 Go to school I learn new things when I go to school. My school is really nice and clean. I go to Milford Central Academy.

12 Take the bus to school My friends and I take the bus to school every morning. The school bus picked up the children. I didn’t take the bus to school because I was late.

13 Walk to school Whenever I miss the bus I have to walk to school. I always walk to school with my friends. He will walk to school through the woods.

14 Eat lunch Can we eat lunch together? We eat lunch in the small cafeteria. Grandma fixed a delicious lunch.

15 Walk the dog Every afternoon my brother walks the dog. She gave her dog a bath. Walking the dog is my favorite shore.

16 Get the mail I get the mail when I come back from school. There is no mail delivery on Sunday. Dad said, “Go get the mail”

17 Vacuum the floor I have to vacuum the floor every Saturday. A vacuum effect was created during the storm. The vacuum picked up all the dirt from the floor

18 Do the laundry Mom does the laundry during the weekend. I help doing my laundry. She let her laundry pile high.

19 Clean my room I will clean my room as soon as I get from school. I need to cleam my room because it is dirty.

20 Eat dinner My family and I eat dinner at 6:00 p.m. Eating dinner with my family is one of my favorite childhood memories. Dinner is at six.

21 Wash the dishes She will wash the dishes. The dishes were dirty. I wash the dishes and my sister dries them up.

22 Get undressed Before I take my shower, I get undressed. She undressed the baby for his regular check up.

23 Take a shower I take a quick shower before I go to bed. “Don’t forget to take your shower”, said my mom. The shower will not drain.

24 Take a bath I take a bath when I have plenty of time. She gave her dog a bath. I will take a bubble bath this afternoon.

25 Go to bed It is time for me to go to bed. My mom always reads me a fairy tale story when I go to bed. My bed’s mattress is vey comfortable.

26 Sleep I need to get more sleep. When I sleep, I usually have nice dreams. The other night when I was asleep, I had a nightmare.


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