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By: Roger Humphrey Audience: 1st Grade

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1 By: Roger Humphrey Audience: 1st Grade
Personal Hygiene By: Roger Humphrey Audience: 1st Grade

2 What does personal hygiene mean?
Definition Cleanliness of the body Taking care of your appearance

3 Germs can be picked up many ways!
Defend Against Germs Germs can be picked up many ways! touching dirty hands through contaminated water and food through droplets released during a cough or a sneeze contaminated surfaces

4 How do you think we can stay Clean?

5 How do I Stay Clean? Washing our hands Taking baths or showers
Brushing our teeth Cutting our finger nails Wearing clean clothes

6 Why is Washing Your Hands So Important?
It Protects against the spread of Illnesses. Common Cold Flu Virus Meningitis

7 How Do I wash my Hands?

8 So when should I wash my hands?
Before eating food After using the toilet After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing After touching an animal or animal waste After touching garbage Click

9 Why Take Baths or Showers?
Baths are awesome! They wash off dirt They keep us smelling clean They can be fun

10 What Should I clean in a Bath or Shower?
Hair Under Arms Behind our ears Between our toes Our body and face Click

11 Why should we Brush Our Teeth?
It Keeps our mouth clean It prevents plaque It stops gingivitis (gum disease) It prevents cavities It stops bad breath It gives us shiny teeth

12 How do we brush our teeth?

13 When should we brush our teeth?
1 After Breakfast 2 After Lunch (if you can) 3 Before Bedtime

14 Why do we cut our finger nails?
Germs can live under our finger nails Long nails can scratch people It can prevent in grown toe nails.

15 Taking Care of Our Nails
Wash around and under your nails Cut nails regularly You can cut them straight across or into a rounded shape. It is best to cut toenails after you have had a bath or a shower

16 But what if I bite my nails?
You may bite your nails so short that they bleed Or the skin around the nail becomes very red and sore. It is a hard habit to stop We never want to put our hands in our mouth.

17 Cool facts about nails! Fingernails grow about 2
times faster than toenails. They grow faster in summer than winter. It doesn't hurt to cut your nails because the nail is dead. Deer's antlers, horse's hooves and bird's feathers are all made from keratin, the same protein from which human nails are made.

18 “Didn’t you wear that yesterday?”
Change clothes everyday Sweat can build up on clothes This sweat can cause bacteria That bacteria can make us sick

19 Activity Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Take a bath/shower Wash my hands
Wash my face Brush my teeth in the morning Brush my teeth before bed Floss my teeth Comb/Brush my hair Use deodorant Use lotion on dry skin Clean fingernails Trim fingernails Trim toenails Clean ears

20 Now lets practice what we’ve learned! What can we do to stay clean?
Washing our hands Take a bath or shower Cut our nails Brush our teeth Wear clean clothes

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