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Hygiene What is it, and why is it important?.

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1 Hygiene What is it, and why is it important?

2 Cleanliness………... --7 ways to be Clean: 1. Shower daily 2. Wash hair
3. Use soap 4. Use deodorant 5. Don’t share combs/brushes 6. Clean clothes 7. Fresh socks

3 Showering: When we shower we must do what? *Soap up completely
*Use shampoo *Take your time *Shave if necessary *Towel off completely *Towel off feet/toes or athletes’ foot can occur.

4 After Showering We Should...
Dry off very well Hang up towel so it doesn’t start smelling like mildew Put on deodorant Put on perfume/cologne Lotion on dry skin

5 Spreading Germs If you have a sore, do not pick the scab. If something is bleeding, you must have it covered with a bandaide. Do not pick your nose. If you blow your nose into a tissue, please throw the tissue away. Do not touch your mouth and face. This can create acne and get you sick. Try to clean off surfaces that you touch.

6 Skin Care At the ages of 10-14, students often develop some sort of acne. Usually, just washing with soap and warm water every night is enough. If this does not seem to take care of the problem, there are prescription and over-the-counter medications/creams you can try.

7 Clothing Only wear clean clothes! Pride yourself on looking your best every day! Winter coats can get dirty very easily—remember to wash your coat when it starts looking dingy. Lay out your hats and gloves so they can dry out. Wash these items when you wash your coat. Snow boots need to air out as well. Spray them with Febreeze, if they become smelly! I like to say, “Smell good, feel good!!”

8 Hair Care… Brush or comb your hair daily.
Make sure to get out all tangles or hair will become matted. Remember to never share a hairbrush with anyone…even a family member. Lice can be easily spread from one head to another. You may not even know you have it!

9 LICE I know this seems like a gross or “yucky” topic, but it is one that we must learn more about so that we can avoid it. We also must know how to treat it because it is very contagious. If you have head lice you MUST use a special shampoo called RID or NIX. You can purchase this at the store. If it is too expensive for your family, the school can buy it for you. You should not do overnights with friends until the lice are totally gone. Someone at the school will have to check your hair with a special light when you come back before you can go back into the classroom. We have to make sure they are all gone.

10 Taking Care of our Teeth
Why brush and floss and go to the dentist?

11 At School Keep deodorant in your gym locker.
Take your gym clothes home on a regular basis to be washed.

12 Special Notes for Girls
During your period, take extra time to wash and care for your body. Change your pad or tampon frequently.

13 Take care of Yourself There’s only one you!
Always be the best you can be! Be clean, look good, and have pride!

14 Wash your hands often!!! With the flu season upon us, you should wash your hands once every hour or so. This means with soap and water not just Purell. Also, do not touch your face, and take Vitamin C.

15 Also, do not share drinks!!
Coffee or pop... Especially not water bottles!!!!

16 Writing Prompts: 1. Why do you think hygiene should be a priority for a boy or girl your age? 2. How would you kindly tell a friend if he/she was not taking care of him/herself?

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