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Preview: What country is in the shape of a boot? Please label page 28.

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1 Preview: What country is in the shape of a boot? Please label page 28

2 Southern Europe Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece Guided notes from text pages 338-342

3 Map


5 Spain’s Geography Located on Iberian Peninsula “Maseta” – dry plateau surrounded by mountain ranges Borders Mediterranean Sea

6 Spain’s Economy “dry farming” – technique that does not depend on irrigation; land is left unplanted every few years so it can store moisture Southern Spain: citrus fruits, olives, grapes Manufacturing and service: processed foods, clothing, footwear, steel, cars Tourism attractions: castles, cathedrals, Mediterranean beaches

7 Spain’s Culture Most people live in urban areas Roman Catholic Religion Castilian Spanish – official language

8 Spain’s Government Democracy in 1970s Autonomy-self-ruled regions

9 Portugal’s Geography Located on Iberian Peninsula Land is low coastal plain, split by Tagus River

10 Portugal’s Economy Agriculture and farming Grapes used for wine making Oak trees for cork Fishing in Atlantic Ocean Manufacturing and service industries

11 Portugal’s Culture Live in small villages on the coast

12 Portugal’s Government Democratic government Economic subsidies help from European Union Subsidies – special government payments to support an industry

13 Acrostic Poem – relative to actual country S P A I N P O R T U G A L

14 Italy’s Geography Juts out from Europe into Mediterranean Sea “boot” shape Alps in north over broad Lombardy plain Apennine Mountains in central and southern areas Volcanoes dot the landscape

15 Italy’s Economy Agricultural to industrial economy Cities of Milan, Turin, and Genoa produce cars, technical instruments, appliances, clothing Po River valley – rich farming region of grapes and olives with livestock Southern Italy – high unemployment due to poor mountainous land without navigable rivers Tourism of Rome, Pompeii, Venice

16 Italy’s Culture 90% live in urban areas Speak Italian Roman Catholic religion

17 Italy’s Government Democratic republic Rome is capital Vatican City is within Rome Church rules Vatican city – smallest independent country

18 Acrostic Poem ITALYITALY

19 Greece’s Geography Extends from Balkan Peninsula into Mediterranean Sea Mainland country with about 2,000 islands Earthquakes

20 Greece’s Economy Less agriculture due to stony soil and mountains Sheep and goats in highlands Farms within plains and valleys grow wheat and olives New Industries: textiles, footwear, chemicals Major shipping: oil tankers, cargo ships, passenger vessels Tourism of Parthenon, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and many other islands

21 Greece’s Culture 60% live in urban areas Athens is crowded capital Speak forms of Greek similar to that of ancient times Greek Orthodox Christian

22 Greece’s Government Democratic Republic Member of European Union

23 Acrostic Poem GREECEGREECE

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