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Southern Europe & the Balkan Peninsula

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1 Southern Europe & the Balkan Peninsula
Chapter 16 Pages

2 Iberian Peninsula

3 Spain - History Covers 85% of Iberia Controlled by Rome
A.D. 700s Arabs invaded – set up universities, new farming techniques, & spread Islam. Arabs forced out by the Christians in 1492 Built an overseas empire Spain’s Legacy – 400 million Spanish speakers world-wide

4 Spain - Government Monarchy – Dictatorship - Democracy - Constitutional Monarchy Spain is divided into 17 regions with autonomy – gov’t makes decisions on health & social programs, urban planning, education, & local issues

5 Spain – Culture Religion – Catholic
Language – 75% speak Castilian Spanish, Basque,Catalan Towns have open spaces for people to meet called squares or plazas Architecture has Arabic influences (arches)

6 Spain’s Economy Textiles, automobiles, & ships Tourism
Agriculture (olive oil & wine)

7 Issues & Challenges in Spain
Unemployment & Immigration (from Africa) Political problems – Independence movements (Basques)

8 Portugal in a “nut shell”
History – controlled by Rome and later Arabs Led Exploration Gov’t = Democracy Tourism is important Economy – world’s leading producer of cork

9 The Italian Peninsula

10 History Roman Empire – helped spread Christianity culture, language (Latin), architecture, laws, etc.

11 History Continued Renaissance – “rebirth” or renewed interest in learning. Affected art, writing, architecture. Ex. da Vinci & Michelangelo.

12 Microstates Vatican City Monaco San Marino

13 Italian Culture Language = Italian Religion = Roman Catholic
Cultural Fact = most important meal is in the middle of the day Capital = Rome Economy = northern Italy (industrial), southern Italy (agricultural)

14 Greece

15 Greece’s History Ancient Greece was known for its creation of democracy, philosophy, drama, influence on science, math, and sports.

16 Greece’s Culture Language = Greek
Religion = 98% Greek Orthodox Christian Common foods = baklava

17 Western Balkans Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, & Slovenia were all once apart of Yugoslavia. Serbia and Montenegro

18 Enclave When once ethnic group of people is surrounded by another ethnic group of people. Ex. Bosnian Muslims surrounded by Croatian Christians.

19 War in the Western Balkans
Civil war broke out in many of these countries after the fall of communism. Even today in cities, such as Kosovo, peace is shaky.

20 Eastern Balkans Bulgaria, Romania, & Moldova

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